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How long can a lonely soul live in isolation?

Before the soul cracks in desolation

Chained in a cycle of decimation

Writing everyday is the dedication

Offering some conceptualised form of consolation

Spinning mind deluded in rotation

Endless days of holding up the tumbling portration

Hooked on a dead end of pharmaceutical “medication”

Anxiety riddled falling down, palpitations

Eyes pinpointed on painful pulsations

Cycles of tormenting rumination

Quicksand, ever drowning stagnation

Soul parts, fragmentation

Suicidal oscillations

Out in the world, observation

Smile, preservation

Maintaining the biting presentation

Sucking into the abyss, suffocation


Knife jabbing pains, overwhelming intoxication

Fantasising of the chance for rehabilitation

Begging to be put down in sedation

Lost in the formless meditation

In and out consciousness, never cessation

Riding through the cosmos, pineal gland transportation

Fighting the war of ideation

Passing by the flowers, dreaming of their image of reincarnation

One day emancipation.

~DiosRaw, 12/10/21