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~Placebo Effect~

I believe much in this world is down to the placebo effect..

Placebo is Latin for ‘I will please’ and refers to any medical treatment that is inert (has no active properties). A placebo doesn’t have to be a pill. The placebo effect is the positive effect on a person’s health experienced after taking a placebo. It is triggered by the person’s belief in the benefit from the treatment and their expectation of feeling better, rather than the characteristics of the placebo.

Poetry By Kritika & Amber {1} ~ The Answer

They say ‘Love’ is the answer to all questions
enthralling essence reverberating in each living cell
blending an infinite palette of shades and hues that permeate through ancient wisdom and cosmic mystery coursing through bodily veins
acknowledging the engagement of the superior and inferior alike
bypassing the distinctions and entering non-dual awareness
proceleusmatic nature throbbing to be known by the unknown beings
bioluminescence glazing the sea, life so magical and mystical, what can this be?

The lucid word, ‘LOVE’

~By Kritika {ValorousBird} & Amber {DiosRaw}

~Originally posted on the 8th of March 2021.~

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~Relying On Mother Nature~

Long before pharmaceuticals came onto the scene, women relied on their intuition and Mother Nature to keep themselves and their families healthy. Guided by their inner wisdom, our ancestors often used healing plants they plucked from nature. And it’s remarkable that our herbalist ancestors often used the same herbs to treat the same conditions even though they were separated by thousands of miles. For example, American Indian women and Chinese women both used angelica (dong quai) to treat menopausal symptoms.

Today we have many scientific studies that confirm what our ancestors intuitively knew—plants contain a wide range of healing ingredients, including essential fatty acids, phytoestrogens, and antioxidants that help us stay healthy at all stages of our lives, including menopause.


Ayur is a Sanskrit term meaning “life” or “vital power.” It is one part of the Sanskrit compound of terms that make up the word Ayurveda, which means “life knowledge.” Ayurvedic medicine is a life-giving system of Indian traditional medicine and is often practiced alongside yoga for its natural healing properties. Ayuryoga combines the ideas and practice of Ayurveda with the spiritual and physical disciplines of yoga.

Short Stories {7} ~ Ego Delusions Amongst The Dogon

Amonst the elders of the Dogon Tribe in Central Africa a flurry of discussion was held by the Adrinki Tree, the main point of conversation within the community. The Dogon (or Kaador, Kaado) are an ethnic group indigenous to the central plateau region of Mali, in West Africa, south of the Niger bend, near the city of Bandiagara, and in Burkina Faso. The population numbers between 400,000 and 800,000.

Boko was watching from a distance within his hut whilst his mother was preparing his morning meal of goat’s milk and beans. Arrogantly he shouted, “Mother, when is it ready? I have to go and play with Hurani by the Adrinki tree soon once our elders have left this morning’s meeting.” “Boko, watch your manners, what have we taught you? Lord have mercy on us,” softly uttered Boko’s mother hurrying to finish her task. “Mother, you must make me this meal, I have to go, you know what, I will go hungry, since you cannot play the role you are supposed to,” Boko replied angrily. Boko ran out of the hut with his eyes still fixated on the elders by the tree. Boko’s mother tutted and mumbled words under her breathe.

Tribal elder’s noticed Boko run through the newly planted flowers without a care, he was to focus on this morning’s talks. “Boko, come,” a wise elder voice sounded. Boko stopped in his tracks and turned around sheepishly knowing what he had done.

“Boko today you will go with Narabi into the desert, you will find what you need there,” spoke the main elder. “Ok, but I was-” Boko churped. “You will go with Narabi,” the elder said sternly. “Yes, I will go,” mumbled Boko hesitating. Boko was itching to play with his friend and had no regard for finding what he needed, he knew everything he needed to know and that was that.

The hot desert sun made Boko’s forehead drip sweat onto his cloth dressing whilst flies bothered him, swatting his hand back and forth above his head.

“Ego is a formation of our identity crafted through our life experiences, the name we are given, the things we have been told about ourselves and who we believe we are. The God within us is who we truly are, the ego allows us separation to experience this incarnation and with a healthy ego, knowing who we truly are, we can flourish,” Narabi spoke whilst walking to collect water from the water hole nearby the village, they had followed a track into a clearing. Elephants, zebras and eagles went about their dharma seeking out nourishment from the heaven in the desert. Boko contemplated Narabi’s words, chewing his bottom lip.

“So, what I have created is not real?” shrieked Boko. “Yes and no, you see the ego is our sense of self; it is the illusory “I” story we carry around in the world as an evolutionary survival mechanism. Yet the ego is the source of all our suffering and our feeling of being separated from that which we truly are which is boundless, whole, and infinite. We might call this Spirit, God/dess, Life, Oneness, Consciousness, and so on,” replied Narabi twisting her braids observing and collecting water in vases for that night’s ceremony which Boko had yet to discover.

“So the more ego-based we are, the further we are from the Light of Consciousness which goes beyond the self? And if residing in the ego equals a disconnection from the Divine, living from a place of ego-centric God Complex goes one step further: it is like living in total darkness – the very definition of hell?” questioned Boko patiently awaiting a reply. “Father, was right Narabi, I have been silly and childish in my ways.”

“When a person is living in hell, they will harm others. This is basic knowledge that even a child like you can understand. When there is a total absence of light, there is only darkness – and how can a person see clearly, feel clearly, think clearly, or behave clearly in such a state? The result is suffering, both for the one experiencing the God Complex and those unfortunate souls around him or her in the village,” reasoned Narabi with her strong and wise words, an elder female within the Dogon tribe who Boko took seriously as she was the mother of wisdom, the nickname the tribe had given her affectionately.

Boko excused himself, thanked Narabi for her help in understanding the ego and ran through the village back to his hut and squeezed his mother tightly and didn’t let go. “Boko, what has come over you today? Are you ill?” Boko’s mother spoke. “Mother, I love you and apologise for all my wrongdoings, I have learnt, I am not my ego, I am the divine encapsulated within this body. Mother, I found something today and that is my true self,” whispered Boko still clinging to his mother. “You know Boko, you know,” smiled his mother with joy.

That night, under moon-lit savannah, the Dogon tribe initiated Boko under the Adrinki tree into the ascended ones and began Boko’s journey on the path of love, truth, knowledge and wisdom. For one day, Boko would be teaching another version of himself in another under the very same tree.

The divine disguises itself in us all, clothed in many dresses, yet the ego is naked, the true seat of self is the all, the fraction of the fractal within us all.

~DiosRaw 06/04/21


Life is spinning surround sound

Around and around

My heart pounds and pounds

A caged beast jumping out of my chest

Please allow me some rest

Depersonalisation, Derealisation

I am fucking done

I’m not having fun

I don’t know if I can sleep

Weeping and weep

Another tonight

They all say it’s going to be alright

It’s one hell of a fight

To keep tight

And muster this might

But I do not remember the light

It seems so long ago

That I felt any sense of peace or ease

Please God please

Let me into your kingdom again

I can’t handle this pain,

Why do I feel so insane?

Yet also sane

My body is crumbling

My spirit tumbling

Body pain never leaves me alone

I wish I had a different tone

It screams at me

What am I to do? Scream back at it?

Surely I’d wake up in an institution

Don’t know if I’m coming or going

Thoughts lost in translation, I keep doing meditation

My head is wildly scatty

How could you understand

This mess of a walking band

A symphony with scattered frequencies

Out of vibrational harmony

Suicidal thoughts swim through my head

I’d love to be dead.

~DiosRaw, 07/04/21


You are divinity
You are crystalinity
Cruising through infinity
Believe in sanguinity
We and the oceans have salinity
Microcosm of the mascrocosm
You are in the vicinity
A part and the whole of the holy trinity
Embrace your masculinity
Embrace your femininity
Leave behind the supinity
Transcend duality
Into wholeness
Into God
Into Allah
Into Brahma
Into Source
Into Consciousness
Into One
Into All
All paths lead home..

~DiosRaw, 07/04/21