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Under a spell of enchantment

Found sleeping under the tree of hypnosis

Of suffering and death

Who broke the spell

And led my faltering steps through twilight’s path

Playing casting upon the soul

To captivate, such charms convey

All heavens wonders we see and blank obliviously

Through each passing day

Chasing after the world brings chaos

Surrendering and allowing it to magnetise towards you gifts peace

Unencumbered by ideas, we enter Spiritual Realization

Comings and goings of the world

In-between constant

Entangled and yet impermanent withstanding.

~DiosRaw, 01/06/21

Poetry {11} ~ Medicinal Contagious Brew

Contagious laughter

Cathartic effect thereafter

Medicinal brew

Oh, how we whisked the love through

Put a dose in your stew

Spreading the love virus wide

Seeing beyond the mental confusion of divide

In our maker we confide

Laughing takes us on a ride

A joyful melody of sound

Once it starts ringing, pass it all around

Keeping our feet on the ground

Feeling your internal sun

Relasing your endorphins of fun

Joker, jester be a comedian

Share the love, let go of the tragedian

~DiosRaw 01/04/21

Poetry {5} ~ MAGICK

Casting spells with our thoughts

Bending reality as it contorts

Thoughts are magic spells

Weaving webs in their fells

Unconsciously or consciously

Unintentionally or intentionally

You’ve been writing recipes for years

Concocting potions, who hears?

On the world around

Without making a sound

Invoking the universal flow

Lighting up paths as they glow

Spinning patterns in cycles

With the wave of a wand tapping our hat

The magic begins just like that

Words cast spells that’s why they’re called “spelling”

Etymology is energy, use it wisely, isn’t that telling?

~DiosRaw 27/03/21