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Short Stories {1} ~ River Ganges Insanity

Washing off the days reminants within the womb of the River Ganges, in the ancient lands of India, a young lady named Anadi, combed through her dark black locks wishing she had fulfilled her guru’s daily tasks. Worried reverberations tensed her worn out body.

Anadi’s guru had instructed her to contemplate by the serene waters edge on the concept of enlightenment. She was trembling at the thought of going insane. Throughout her journey on the path of enlightenment she had visions of past lives, angelic beings, prophetic dreams and doubted herself, were these visions true or a figment of her mind turning her insane?

Observing the river’s candles lit each night floating along the river, Anadi realised in her mind “for the mystic swims in the same waters as the insane.”

Guruji initiated her, “you have understood the point.” Painting an orange hue on her third eye she became one of Guruji’s enlightened deciples.

“Yes,” Anadi proclaimed.

Anadi was no longer afraid of turning insane, she realised that insanity and sanity are part of the duality of this dualistic world. By using her mind towards the creator, and only him, she would return to sanity through the insanity she was so worried of.

As she lit her candle, with empowering energy flowing throughout her physical vehicle, silently whispering a prayer her body aroused from the dream of the dream she was living in. In the hypnotic state she was in upon waking, she had met her dead guru in her dream reassuring her she was not going crazy.

That very young morning, when everyone was asleep and the birds were churping their morning symphony she said her daily blessings by the river Ganges. “For I am sane in an insane world” she echoed through the nearby caves.

“I have travelled through madness to find me,” she screamed.

Madness is somewhere between chaos and having a dream. Anadi made sense of the dream by plunging into it and moving with the dance. For those who did not hear the music, those dancing were deemed insane.

And the world kept on spinning and weaving it’s cosmic web…

~Amber, DiosRaw 28/03/21

Poetry {3} ~ BORN TO DIE

Sunken soul

You see a face without a name

Names give us egos, unified yet not the same

Drenched in collapsed walls

Concieved under Victoria Falls

Wishing she would stop wishing

Instead I endlessly search these cosmic waters fishing

I’m afraid of those thoughts inside my head

Wishing a floating butterfly replaced those instead

Trepidation creeping on glass nails I tread

Waiting for the day I will sleep peacefully amongst the dead

Screaming to hell

Leaving this story behind I tell

Breaking my limbs on rocks as I fell

They could bring me to my knees

Every night begging God please

Taking a deep breathe, unconsciousness is the dream

Hard to think of a future when all those moments of pleasure floated down stream

Pricks of water reflecting the sunshine gleam

Clutching at sanity

Gasping in a sea, coming up for air, riddled with insanity

The world around passes by in sound and muffled voices

I have to live with those precarious choices

Sinking into the centre whilst rotations spin

What did I do in a past-life, commit such a sin?

That my life would turn out this way

Taking responsibility will give you meaning

Words, ideas and concepts teeming

All we do we do to ourselves ultimately

Plummeting down

Dreaming of those flashing lights in places I haven’t been downtown

Someone once asked what it felt like to be living this life

Closing her eyes she thought of being electrocuted by thunder and lightning

Instead she said imagine waking up in the middle of the sea

Under direct sunlight

Gargling salt water

Drowning in your own juices

Forgetting how to swim

Knowing you could die right there

Loosing touch with how it started

These minds of ours uncharted

And seeing no finale

Wasn’t I born to die?

~DiosRaw 26/03/21