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~Big Mind Meditation~

Big mind meditation can refer to meditating on the Zen Buddhist concept of the big mind or to the trademarked process developed by American Genpo Roshi that is based on the Zen concept.

In Buddhist traditions, the small mind is the place of ego and the individual Self, whereas the big mind is the wisdom mind, higher Self or “Buddha nature.” In the big mind, we let go of ego and the desire to control. Big mind meditation seeks to tap into this big mind where there is awareness but individual thoughts and feelings do not disturb the consciousness. The big mind is an awareness of reality that is eternal and vast but still within.

Philosophy {22} ~ Realism

Realism is the belief that reality is independent of our conceptual schemes, linguistic practices, beliefs, etc. Philosophers who profess realism state that truth consists in the mind’s correspondence to reality. Realists tend to believe that whatever we believe now is only an approximation of reality and that every new observation brings us closer to understanding reality.