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Sacred Geometry {4} ~ Pyramid

The Pyramid contains the spiral, the golden mean ratio, the triangle and square. The pyramid contains the number of divinity, 3 (the 3 sides to each triangle) plus the number of mankind, 4 ( 4 sides of the square). It represents the relationships between Source & humanity. The Pyramid of Giza in Egypt was built to create the energy that facilitated connection with the spiritual realms. The top or apex of the pyramid represents the highest point of spiritual attainment, the body of the structure is the ‘journey’ or ascent to enlightenment, spiraling upwards. The pyramids were used for initiations, and in transporting to ‘other realms.’ They were used by the initiates to go through a kind of death and become ‘transformed’ or ‘reborn’. The merkabah is like two pyramids interlocking.