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Conjoined in the infinititude of cyclical rotations

Embedded within every molecule, quark and energetic spark

An absolute of indivisible

We are the hearts of stars, interstellar coalesced into vastness

Part of something far beyond our imagination

We are ants with cellphones, beyond third dimensional comprehension

I became a peculiarity, my own totality, freed from the cacophony

Together with you, I am you and you are me, you see?

I yearn to be the singularity

I strive to be free again, free from polarity.

~DiosRaw, 29/04/21


Waking into a dream

Sleeping into a dream

Living within the dream

Awareness of being the dream

Dreaming whilst dreaming

A dream within a dream within a dream

Dreamers dreaming the dreaming dream

And one day we wake up and drift down stream

The dreamers aware of the living dream

Infinite patterns and shapes

Dimensions and awarenessses

Spiralling into cosmic expansion

Dreaming something by being a dreaming nothing

You cannot write my poems

Just as I cannot dream your dreams

Dissipating away in a whisper.

~DiosRaw, 22/04/21

Poetry By Cherry & Amber {1} ~ Needle Of Love

Love threads the needle
through the fabric of the web of life.
It weaves a pattern of bringing
the two of us together and then apart.
A pattern difficult to comprehend
by the sharpest and sanest of minds.
Simple and sophisticated it may be,
to the decoders of the language of love
who see.
As we go far we curse destiny,
forgetting we chose our paths
before we were born;
The pre-birth crafted plan,
timelines shifting and splitting,
re-knitting the material of reality.
May the needle of love
weave us together,
your hand in mine.
Merging together, a goldmine
Magnetic pulls of the matrix grid, crystaline,
We feel blessed by the divine.

~By Cherry {Shewrites170} & Amber {DiosRaw}

~If you’d like to collaborate, feel free to find my email on this blog’s connect page.~

Poetry {34} ~ NETTED TO YOU

Swirling, glued in my thoughts

Yes, the one I sought

Netting in the webs of my mind caught

Feeling drunk in presence, yet sober

Our hearts telepathically decoder

Our meshed existence

Travelling through third dimensional time

You’re pure divine

I believe in magic

Comedic and tragic

Hearts in eachother’s hands

Close to home lands

You appeared from thin air

Addicted to you, yes I swear.

~DiosRaw, 17/04/21


Ever unfolding chaotic madness

Lack of intrinsic understanding in the clouded vision of sadness

Criminals are a product of our world yet some maybe born

With neurological differences

By putting the criminal to death

One shares the same crime


He doesn’t see the criminal within himself.

~DiosRaw, 16/04/21