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Poetry By Namrata & Amber {1} ~ Mental Lockdown

Encased in seclusion, tatters of the mind, threads unpick themselves
unwarranted and confined.
Chaos and conflicts embed and unwind,
battling the uncertainty, with passing time
Upside down reality, shifting situations,
Exposing vulnerabilities
It’s a mad design
Set me free, let me wander
And resign to my safe space, cramping, the sky is deteriorating, surviving in squander
Black and grey, in blue I meander
Disappearing behind the ivory
Sucked into the subconscious ever blaring library, for me to be unconscious, lost in thought, my ego twists thought bribery.
I look around, it’s all abyss, I fight, I succumb,
It’s never ending,
That can’t be it, I whisper to myself,
I sing the hymns, I pray night and day
I flip the calenders but it’s only May
Monotonous grinding, a tape recorder on repeat, rewinding, thought loops whipping,
Shards of the ego chipping,
Latching onto the cliff edge by a fingernail, gasping mind decomposing, stale
Chained in dark, hounded by wailing.

~By Namrata {StuffAndPoems} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Concrete jungle locked into the streets

Rarely an opportunity to feel the earth breathe beneath one’s feet

Contrived, controlled environment dictated by rules

Are we robots? Money the tool

Stampedes of humans crushing through their ant nests

Conversations ego battle fests

Focused destinations, no time to look back

Suffocating city scape, impulsive actions and habits, the easier hack

The concrete jungle lies in plain sight for the world to see

Strewn in marble ledges, twisted in metal beams

Wrapped around handrails perched in their cemented trees

Drugs and money consume souls

The count of the victims their only goal

Workers contemplating suicide off office block high rises

Slaving away to get their monthly prizes

Sanity compromises

Is this what life truly symbolises?

~DiosRaw, 13/05/21


Anxiety, a splintered car alarm in the mind

Mosquitoes whining in your orifices

A shimmering hole in your vision

Gnawing at the edges of your days

An insatiable termite burrowing into your soul

A voice stalking

Knowing all your insecurities and using them against you, counting them, chalk boarding

The deafening whiny and grinding down voice

Kept here against my will, face smacked on the window sill

Anxiety as a rocking chair

Giving us something to do idly, yet getting us nowhere

Our anxiety does not come from out of bounds thinking, yet our desire to control it.

~DiosRaw, 11/05/21


When God is in the midst

Defeat does not exist

Human family interlocked

Into hands gridlocked

What befalls the earth

Befalls all sons and daughters of the earth

Leaves weaved of different branches of the cosmic tree

Pull a thread here and you’ll find it’s attached to the rest of the world

Almost as if revealed from a divine plan we are unaware of.

Cogs in the wheel spinning the fabric of Maya.

~DiosRaw, 11/05/21


Souls parallax eachother’s divinity

Through dappled gaps

Nothing I say to you can elucidate divine love entity

Yet love is the talk of the cosmos

I had drunk the infinite in a cup of intoxicating beverages

Time is my drama or pedegant dream

Channels of rapture of opal and hyaline

For the influx of the unknown supreme symphony

Not a carcass of flesh, a vessel for the divine river flowing through me

Dodging the senses narrow mesh

My soul unhorizoned

God’s tool to serve humanity

A deathless light pervades all beings

For we are one and beyond the concept of one a orchestra of keys and notes blending.

~DiosRaw, 10/05/21

Poetry By Jeff & Amber {4} ~ The Fabric Of Accessorised Attachment

When I look inside,
sometimes is found a diatribe,
of ideas, which are
moving and shaping
without the knowledge
of the receiver.

Egoic mind in motion,
suffering extending roots
from craving to attachment.
Blinding light of awareness,
are you afraid of the
parallax light would perform?

Following these ideas
from here to there
is often pale,
until that is,
we get beyond
the veil.

We often accessorize
to people and ideas
too comfortably
with the gates to our heart
with hope,
the void of emptiness
remains when the
filled absence
has dissolved.

We must then
make headway,
and, stay resolved,
by being open
to all that’s at our door,
while we learn more
about humanities very core.

is a wise teacher, and
can shed light
on the ideas
we struggle with,
while we bundle close
and pray for
our very souls.

Welcome others to be who
they truly are,
by mirroring and refracting
off Self.
Don’t force situations,
solutions once submerged emerge,
uncertainty is reality,
delve into it.

Detachment does not
mean that you should own nothing,
but that nothing should own you.
Soaring above the
high planes,
be enrolled experience
yet not of it.

Experience as the guide,
Please abide, and
delight yourself in the fabric
Of reality within view,
While ensconcing
yourself in the mystery
Of all that is hidden within you.

~By Jeff {JeffFlesch} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Forms fractlized

Vehicles crystallised

Spirit metamorphorzed

Soul individualised

Humanity in drag civilised

Flashing lights, city nights, hypnotised

Reality mystified

Comprehension minimised

Patterns synchronized

Markers on the way signified

Civilization tyranized

Everyday life improvised

Pretend sympathised

Suffering legitimised

Truth seekers stigmatised

Thoughts and beliefs systematically refined

Samadhi epitomised

Feelings mechanised

A human family traumatised

Perspective minimized

Warping in and out of consciousness behind these walls, confined

~DiosRaw, 09/05/21