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Philosophical Questions {11} ~ Can A Society Exist Without Laws?

I believe a society can exist without laws if we had a higher awareness level. I believe that humanity, from birth, has been conditioned to believe all sorts of horrors and that the world should be a certain way; when we drop these beliefs we can create pure and healthy minded human beings living harmoniously.

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Philosophical Questions {9} ~ How Much Does Language Affect Our Thinking?

We exchange complex thoughts and ideas with one another, whether it be spoken aloud or written in ink; it’s also through language that we’re able to trigger emotions, imagination, and action. Linguistic relativity thesis, which says that the language you speak broadly affects or even determines the way you experience the world, from the way you perceive it, to the way you categorize it, to the way you cognize it is an interesting theory.

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Symbols {43} ~ Confucianism

Confucianism, represents by this symbol, while often described as a religion is more accurately a system of socio-political and philosophical teachings. Confucius was thought to be the author of the Five Classics which were the basic texts which underpin the system. The five ‘constants’ of the system are humaneness, righteousness, proper rite, knowledge and integrity. These are accompanied by a whole host of other forms of ethical behaviours which are thought to result in social harmony when adhered to.

Philosophical Questions {6} ~ What Life-Altering Things Should Every Human Ideally Get To Experience At Least Once In Their Lives?

Some of my own thoughts include ~

~Beautiful connections and friendships

~Birthing a child into the world and becoming a parent

~Knowing Thyself

~Finding your passion

~Spiritually awakening

~Travelling the world

~Becoming your own best friend

~Loving yourself fully

~Living in the present moment

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Philosophical Questions {5} ~ What Does It Mean To Live A Good Life?

For me, a good life is one lived with integrity, authenticity and responsibility. A life that gives you much experiences to gleam gems of wisdom from and filled with self-deveoplent and soul growth. A life pregnant with love. To be aware in this moment and acceptance of this moment.

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Philosophical Questions {3} ~ Does The Study Of Philosophy Ever Lead To Answers Or Simply More Questions?

I believe beyond concepts, words, questions and answers is the ultimate reality, however questions and answers can point the way to the ultimate reality. Philosophy leads to more questions in an infinite loop..

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