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~The Masters Who Walked The Earth~

The masters who walked the earth did not go round pointing fingers and judging everyone. It never happened. They led with love, compassion, and by example. Before you peg another lightworker down for any reason, return back to yourself and double-check that there is not more self-work that you should not be carrying out today. There will be. ~ Unknown


Sampradaya is a Sanskrit term, meaning “tradition” or “religious system.” It refers to a spiritual line of masters and their disciples that creates religious stability and integrity.

Sampradaya can also be described as a school of religious views, beliefs, attitudes and teachings passed on from one master to another. It is closely related to the term parampara referring to the lineage of the spiritual masters who carry and pass on the sampradaya.

Symbols {9} ~ Enso/Zen Circle

Derived from Zen Buddhism, the Zen Circle is also known as Ensō, the Circle of Enlightenment, and the Infinity Circle. The Zen Circle is often drawn with a fluid elegance, inspiring a sense of peace and wholeness.

Though circles are simple shapes, the Zen Circle conveys some of Zen Buddhism’s more evasive concepts: enlightenment, emptiness, and the beauty of imperfection. Part of the symbol’s appeal lies in its creation: the Zen Circle is executed in a single, effortless brushstroke, often in a moment when the mind is totally free from inhibition. In this way, it represents one of Zen’s most powerful lessons: don’t try so hard, just be.

~Homeward Bound~

Know that everyone is connected to each other. There is no separation. This is created, to make us forget who we are and what we are. Your brothers and sisters are all around You. They forgot who they are, a long time ago. See them in light, remind them with love, who they originally are. And You = Me. We can never lie to each other, or make another person sick or mistreat any other organism on planet Gaia, knowing that this is not the highest form of treating yourself, we all are Holy. We all are Masters. We will lead ourselves, and Each Other, Home again. Let us lead the way.