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Words For Things We Have No Word For {9] ~ Midding

Feeling the tranquil pleasure of being near a gathering but not quite in it—hovering on the perimeter of a campfire, chatting outside a party while others dance inside, resting your head in the backseat of a car listening to your friends chatting up front—feeling blissfully invisible yet still fully included, safe in the knowledge that everyone is together and everyone is okay, with all the thrill of being there without the burden of having to be.

Source: https://www.dictionaryofobscuresorrows.com/

Poetry By Woodsy & Amber {5} ~ Devil’s Playground

Banging skulls against ever shifting quantum strings of walls, chasing after my own shadow, cyclical cycles of oscillations betwixt fuck this and screaming.
It’s fuck and it’s fuck and it’s fuck this again! …lying where a kinder thing once lived
Tension bubbling within the psyche, isolation – breeding a playground for the devil to play
So everybody…

Forget how to hug,
how to hold…

Learn how to wear a set of values on your forehead,
light them up
like headlamps made of righteous rage…

searchlight labels
to seek out and destroy
and die in the tiny, silly fight…

While everything you really wanted to be
stands shattered
in a tide of jagged words that’ll never translate you

The devils work is run amok, amphourous webs snarling into nightmares

~By Woodsy {WoodsyDotBlog} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Journal {4} ~ 11/04/21 ~ Why I Create?

Many ask why I create, the answer is because I have to. To survive in this life, to express the inner word, the drive is there for creating.. Releasing the tension, pain and love into forms of many types.. For me to comprehend and for others to comprehend or decifer.. For others to find something within themselves through my creations. To find solace and consolation.

~Love is the answer. Amber, DiosRaw 11/04/21


Amaroli is a traditional technique used by some ancient yogis of using one’s own urine for therapeutic or spiritual purposes. This may be by drinking it or massaging it into the body. Amaroli is said to be helpful for curing diseases and optimizing health and well-being.

Proponents of amaroli suggest that it should only be used when the techniques have been learned from a qualified teacher who knows the practice well, as its use varies from individual to individual.