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~Past Lives~

The belief that we all have led lives in other ages, countries and family groups is integral to the concept of re-incarnation which is a central belief in many religions but not all (Catholicism). Past life regression is the ability to recall details of our ‘past’ lives; this recall may be obtained using hypnosis and other techniques. The scientific community is divided about the reality of such regressions, pointing out that the recall of such memories is largely due to other psychological phenomena and that such recall can be dangerous to the client causing emotional distress or, at worst, mental ill health. Other clients regard this regression as a highly effective method of understanding the origins of their dis-ease and ill health. One of the most famous modern hypnotherapists is the American Dolores Cannon who has written several fascinating books on the recalling of past lives by her many regressed clients.

~Pain As A Messenger~

Yur physical bodies are messengers of what you need to heal and release in order to rise and take in more light. Some of this clearing is karmic and is from past lives. The more problematic that it seems, could mean that you have to work a little harder and listen more closely to the body for healing. Every situation, even though it seems dire, carries with it a gift, the opportunity for renewal, miracles, and blessings.


Karuna typically translates as “compassion” in English and is a concept used in the spiritual paths of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The word comes from the Sanskrit kara, meaning “to do” or “to make,” indicating an action-based form of compassion, rather than the pity or sadness associated with the English word. Karuna is the doing of something to alleviate suffering.

Karuna is a key element of the yogic path, opening the door to the enlightenment and oneness with the universe.


Ishvara is the concept of a higher power, but has different meanings, depending on the various schools of Hinduism. Ishvara is synonymous with Brahman (or Absolute Reality), but can also refer to the Supreme Consciousness or a personal god.

In yoga, many yogis choose their own ishvara to focus on in their practice.

Ishvara may be translated as “lord” in English.


Mindstream is a concept from Buddhist philosophy that refers to the continuity of awareness which carries on from one life to another. This can be viewed as a string of passing moments that happen either in the same lifetime or in the transitional period between one life and another.

An understanding of mindstream can allow a yogi to meditate more deeply and effectively during yoga practice as well as draw upon wisdom from past lives. It is especially important in the practice of Guru yoga, as the practitioner has to unite their mindstream with that of their guru.