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Upekkha is a term that refers to the Buddhist concept of equanimity. Rooted in insight, upekkha is a perfect balance of the mind that is calm and even, particularly in difficult situations. It is one of the four brahmaviharas, or Buddhist virtues and meditative practices.

Upekkha is a Pali word that translates as “indifference” or “disregard,” but as a Buddhist concept, it is neither. Instead, it is even-mindedness, non-attachment and serenity, and it conveys that everyone should be treated impartially. In Sanskrit, it is known as upeksha.


Nirvikalpa is a Sanskrit term derived of two roots; ni meaning without, and vikalpa meaning conception. It can be loosely understood as a kind of awareness without the modifications of the mind, or a state of no-thought.

In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, this term is used to describe meditation without an object, which leads to Samadhi. Meditation with support of an object is called Samprajata samadhi.


Kaivalya is a state of solitude, aloneness, isolation and detachment. The word is derived from the Sanskrit kevala, meaning “alone” or “isolated.” It is a separation of purusha (Self or Soul) from prakriti (primal matter). The state of kaivalya is the main goal of Raja yoga. It is a detachment and independence from relationships, egoism, attraction, aversion and the cycle of birth and death. One can achieve this state by performing austerities, yoga practice and discipline. One who achieves this state is called a Kevalin.

“The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” talks about a yogi who achieved kaivalya and is independent from all bonds. He attained the state of absolute consciousness, described in the chapter titled “Samadhi Pada.”


Silent screams muffled by the world’s next dopamine hit

Etched in these veins

A whole lifetime of concealed pains

The crushing weight that creates

I seek through words myself into formulates


Better the sculptor than sculpture?

Spiritual blip of a life, yet to survive, what we endure

Remember the times, wrapped were pure?

Sometimes there is nothing more a person wants

Than for you to lay your head on their chest

Listening to the tears from the strangled heart

Maybe then you’d hear everything they never said.

~DiosRaw, 18/04/21