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Guest Posts {14} ~ A Question Of Ethics

This is a guest post from Arnav ~ https://bookworm727642419.wordpress.com

Hey guys! In this post, I will try to answer or rather speak my mind out on a question that popped into my mind. A question of ethics.

“Aren’t humans animals, too? Well… Then all animals kill other animals for food! So why isn’t it justified if humans do it?”

Okay… I have been pondering quite a lot about it, and I think I can contradict it.

The very fact, that we have a conceiving, thinking, and processing capability greater than any other animal, makes us REALLY different.

A lion might kill its prey, but can it grow crops like humans? Can whales cultivate the ocean floor? No! But we can do it all, we humans can!

Nature offers us a choice, a gift of knowledge. We can either exploit other animals or save them. Humans have never been gentle. Greed always takes control. We can’t sustainably survive ever by eating animals and destroying ecosystems.

After 300,000 thousand years of our living on planet Earth, we still miss the point that all lives matter the same! When one can have such strong bonds and sentiments with one’s family members, why doesn’t one understand, that all species are children of mother Earth itself?

Image from https://missingmom.home.blog/

And doesn’t the word ‘ethic’ mean differently to different entities? A lion’s ethic is to survive, keep up its pride! The very essence of the meaning of ethics kicks up a notch when we humans are in the frame.

Be sure to not get this idea in your head, that if we humans don’t eat meat, then there will be chickens, and goats overrunning the roads! They are bred and not caught from the wild! Nothing like that will ever happen.

We can consider acting like wild animals when the situation is really EXTREME. When we have no possibility other than starve. Killing animals otherwise, with our advanced brains, will be really foolish and hypocritical.

~Arnav Gupta

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