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Poetry By Cherry & Amber {2} ~ Love Waited

Love waited
Infinitely in the midsts
For misunderstandings
And lost translations
To subside.
Dissipating into unknown realms
For differences
Of the illusions
To melt away
Making space
For affection.
To restore
And regenerate
And then it blossomed
And unfolded
Like the spring.
In its full bloom.
Exploding into
The spectrum of full colors
And metamorphosis.
Blessed with sunshine
Clearing cobwebs and debris
Mystical echos
Full of different hued flowers.
Vibrant and vivid life
A treat to bees to collect nectar
Nourishing the cycle
And for life to spread further.
Into the veins and blood of exsistence
That’s how love bloomed.

-By Cherry {SheWrites170} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Magnetised through every interaction

Every ripple spread

Each elucidation of our words said

Weaving through the convoluted steps we tread

In every face we meet

Echoing through the voices, bouncing off the street

In the school of mortality

Cradled by forevermore immortality

The Great Spirit is there

Invisibly and formlessly everywhere

In search of our true resting place

Seeking with questions and answers

To be found in experience dancers

The day you were born

You embarked on the greatest journey in this cosmical universe, yet some forlorn

Journeying back to source

After all,

We are walking eachother home.

~DiosRaw, 24/04/21

~Adi Anadi~

Adi anadi is a Sanskrit term that means “everlasting,” “without beginning or end” and “beyond space and time.” The term comes from the Sanskrit, adi, meaning “beginning” or “commencement.” The prefix, an, means “without”; so, anadi adi literally translates as “without a beginning.”

Adi anadi is the Vedic equivalent of the Christian concept of the Alpha and Omega. In the context of yogic and Indian philosophy, adi anadi is typically represented by Om (also spelled Aum), the primordial cosmic sound vibration. Adi anadi is also said to encompass all that exists.