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Avatar has Sanskrit roots that mean literally to “descend” or “alight.” It can also be translated as “making one’s appearance,” such as in Hinduism where avatar refers to the incarnation of a deity on Earth. For example, the Hindu god, Vishnu, is considered to have taken 10 avatars, meaning that he was born into the world 10 times in different forms.


Chanchala is a Sanskrit word that means “shaking,” “unsteady,” “quivering,” “inconstant” and “moving.” In yoga and Indian philosophy, chanchala refers to the nature of the mind and its consequential actions that the yogi must still in order to grow spiritually.

In Hindu mythology, Chanchala is one of the names or incarnations of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. As Chanchala, she is called the “restless one” or “fickle one.”