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Scrambling to the delusional deadline

Forgetting to underline

What truly counts

Every perception, not matter how accurate, will always be limited

Bounded to the tunnel vision view of the soul

What’s running after you?

Your own notions and ego self?

Caught between time’s stress

And a fine line

And the facts of life

We rain dreams

And on tree’s are growing more and more miracles

We find a way that is higher than overselves

To be of service to this world.

~DiosRaw, 25/04/21

~Addiction Due To Disconnection From A Higher Power~

According to the spiritual model, a disconnection from God or a Higher Power causes addiction. This separation causes people’s suffering because they fail to live according to God’s will or direction. Therefore, recovery consists of establishing or re-establishing a connection with God or a Higher Power. The most prominent example of the spiritual approach is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and other 12-step groups. Participants practice 12-steps. These 12-steps help people restore their spiritual connection with a higher power.

~Ideas, Inventions & Practices~

Ideas, inventions, and practices in law, medicine, and religion etc. as you have come to know them are based on beliefs of duality and separation. The foundation of many of these things will begin to crumble as people see them from new and higher levels. However, since the underlying idea of them is spiritual, their true essence remains intact, only their old form changes. New and higher forms that reflect earth’s evolving spiritual awareness will soon begin to manifest.