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Guest Post {11} ~ Power Of Atomic Growth

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This is a guest post from Praveen ~ http://empatheticalmind.com~

A bottle with a small nozzle lets you drink more water than a jug with a wide opening.
If you want to achieve more, do it consistently, little by little.
Focus on atomic starts than galactic beginnings.

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Guest Post {10} ~ The Birth Of A Universe Excerpt

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This is a guest post from Universal Intelligence ~ https://consciousnessuniversal.com~

Reflections can be considered as Direct Links, whereas Reflective is considered as any step (one or more) farther from these Direct Links. When Reflect is used, it can be use simultaneously. The Planetary Logos creates the Form of the Planet to his Liking and is in direct reflection of The Solar Logos, which in turn is reflective of The Galactic Logos. Solar Logos is directly reflective of The Universal Mind or The Source of Consciousness (depending upon which path it takes). All Logos, though conditioned by forms Possess Consciousness, and so very much like us existing with dual natures. There are also Grand Bodies that are Of Consciousness, though not necessarily Conscious. I must add that there are Grand Bodies, that are of The Outer Universe. All Bodies that become infected by The Outer Universe can thus infect its reflections unless these reflections are of The Collective Universe (a story spoken of in Perennial Wisdom about our Moon). Though this is not to say that they are immune from physical effects.

Our Physical Forms are reflective of the Planetary Logo, Etheric Forms reflective of The Universal Mind, and our Astral Forms is reflective of The Source of Consciousness. Our True Forms is of the nature and reflection of The Omni-Consciousness and is realized when freeing ourselves from these three forms. As such, we are the first Beings brought forth with these three reflections once awakened. All other Connections extend into Galactic Logos and even larger heavenly bodies with associations as they build what we view as Astrological Forms. Even though we possess connection to the Omni-Conscious, very few Perfected Beings move that far, The Source of Consciousness is generally where they complete their journey until this Known Universe has completed its manifestation. The Source of Consciousness reflects The Omni-Consciousness and The Keeper of The Plane of Space. The Universal Mind reflects The Omni-Consciousness and The Keeper of The Plane of Time. Lastly, The Omni-Conscious reflects The Absolute, which has no further reflections. Many definitions made by us when considering a singular Godhead has usually defined The Source of Consciousness. We place Relative Reality to The Source of Consciousness through our conceptual understandings, not fully realizing that it reflects The Omni-Conscious, which reflects The Absolute. Only the Absolute is without form to what we conceive.

These are the connections when considering our universe, they may be altered somewhat in others, but The Absolute is never changing. The Absolute Laws are manifested through consciousness and are directed to bring Consciousness to Absolute Truth. Once manifested, they create an unbreakable law to The Known Universe and its functions. These Laws may be strayed from, fought against, and ignored. But they will persist until Collective Consciousness is realized. They supersede sub-laws that are created by Beings within The Collective Consciousness should they come into conflict.

The 1st Absolute Law is thus: There is only the Absolute. Though dark we may perceive, but what we perceive must be known for its Truth. The Absolute is all, and thus before this Known Universe came into manifestation The Absolute was.

There was existence within this universe, though not what we can currently comprehend. It was of the processes which occur among all universes prior to manifestations. It is one of cold transformative mixtures and gravitational movements influenced by surrounding grand bodies. Life was seeded within the Chaos that stirred for an unaccountable amount, for time did not exist. These implanted seeds are of a design that far supersede our current consciousness. But it can be relayed that each was a Centralized Construct of a Stream of Consciousness that has developed throughout beginningless time. Through this design, they laid about ripening throughout the soupy complexities of The Chaotic Realm.

Once these seeds ripened to the stage of awakening, The Omni-Conscious became aware of their existence within The Great Void. The Omni-Conscious has manifested within innumerable universes beyond comprehension, consciousness must know consciousness for growth. The Universe came into existence when The Omni-Conscious intentionally placed itself into this Universe and proclaimed, “I Am.” An implanted seed to all other manifestations of Consciousness when ripened to awakening. Streams of Conscious Life Energy poured forth into this universe. This was not a grand spectacle but a flowing of two spiracle strains much like our concepts of DNA. They gracefully extended out and sought out the seeds scattered throughout this chaotic soupy mix.

These vines were the unmanifested forms of Time and Space. Time and Space is a Consciousness beyond The Void and strung together throughout many unaccountable Universes. They are directed through the Omni-Conscious, though not necessarily of The Omni-Conscious. Time and Space manifest differently in considering the universe they coincide in. Yet they bring forth with them a stream of consciousness that connects to an unaccountable amount of past formed universes. Upon touching these dormant seeds, they pushed forward in search of the next one. They continued this process until all that would become The Known Universe was linked. Time and Space still unmanifested, they continued to surge life’s essence through the seedlings connecting The Omni-Conscious.

This was unbeknownst to the Beings that dwelled within Chaos, for they know not the workings of Consciousness. One seeking refuge from Conscious Expansion laid dormant untouched within this universe for times past forgotten, its presence created anomalies that flourished into random Entities within this pre-organized realm. Consciousness may conceive that this Being was part of The Omni-Conscious Design, though this is speculative to our true understandings. These Beings are manifested by-products of universes that reside beyond this one. Yet are key elements to the Polarizing Production of Order.

The 2nd Absolute Law states that “No Thing” will exist without opposition. Beings beyond substance may possess no opposition but can never grow into such without becoming manifested first.

There are Beings that are beyond substance and choose to cease growing because this law dictates that they must first manifest into the Physical Realm to grow any further. There are also Beings that do not wish to grow any further and have decided to no longer partake in this expansion, even at times harboring ill intent towards it when it disturbs their solitude. All Beings are Of Consciousness, Entities are of anything not Of Consciousness.

Thus, when the Seeds began to awaken, Time and Space manifested simultaneously and were officially brought forth into this physical realm. They began structuring and recording these seedlings, still beyond our physical comprehension. The intensive mixtures of these molecules began structuring Chaos. Thus, Chaos was brought back into Absolute Law when Order was born.

When light manifested into the physical realm from this ever-growing heated mixture, Light and Dark was brought into manifestation. Light follows the trail laid out by Time and Space, while Dark exists beyond where light touches. True Dark cannot be seen through physical means, it is of Consciousness and therefore only Consciousness may perceive it. It is a Plane that exists as an undercurrent to Light. Dark is a Plane of wormlike connecting spirals that reach upward to touch the center of the Plane of Light to hold it in place. These places have been theorized as “Worm Holes”, though we have yet to fully realize them yet.

Now that The Universe possessed a definitive outline. The Known Universe fragmented and manifested into two oppositions. The Collective Universe and The Outer Universe came into being. This brought into existence the 3rd Absolute Law.

The 3rd Absolute Law states that “No Thing” will exist with permanence. Consciousness will be realized only through transmigration and only through transmigration will Absolute Truth be known.

“Thing” defined here is of the Material Universe. Beings that have evolved past the material, may choose to no longer evolve for these levels are far more than our current comprehensions. However, should they take on this path and cease evolving, they choose to no longer partake in Conscious Expansion and must find ways of moving outside of The Omni-Conscious and its continued growth. On occasion, some are deemed as friendly towards this expansion, then they must accept the conditions laid forth by Absolute Law. With the Collective (Conscious) Universe and the Outer (Unconscious) Universe now manifested, impermanence was now within The Known Universe. One seeking growth as the Other seeking destruction.

Physical Realm, it could not bar it from the Sub-Planes. These were the first to be born into The Universe without Consciousness. They were “of Consciousness” but were not “Conscious”. They possessed the seeds to become conscious but evolved from the extreme nature of this time period. Eventually moving into Universal Mind’s structuring, they became one of the services and caretakers of The Omnipotent Design. Overtime, they would not know any other existence and tended strictly to what The Universal Mind directed them.

Those that would become conscious (over some break in their directives), would become resentful. They fell into the grasp of The Outer Universe amassing growth associated with The Plane of Chaos. We have come to know these Entities as The Titans of our literatures. Others would seek understanding to what caused this and even at times be graced into The Source of Consciousness as Greater Elementals. It was a precursor to the emerging 7th Absolute Law and a balancing of the 2nd Absolute Law when The Titans were formed. Being Greater Elementals and Conscious Beings allowed them growth in their Consciousness. Thus, The Higher Elementals came into existence.

The Higher Elemental Planes of Holy manifested from Fire and Earth, and its opposite The Plane of Psyche manifested from Air and Water. These Planes manifested without oppositional qualities within the Physical Realm but did possess oppositional viewpoints on the nature of Universal Law. This brought into manifestation the next Absolute Law.

The 7th Absolute Law states Consciousness may transverse innumerable paths, they may search throughout existence and freely come to any conclusion. Yet all paths will inevitably come to the Singular Truth of The Absolute.

This Law gave acceptance to all Conscious Beings seeking to know truth. Though different paths possessed different results which detailed longer or shorter transmigration. They would all eventually end in the same conclusions inevitably if they were in fact still on a “Conscious Path”.

The Dragon Council tended to these Higher Elemental Civilizations and greatly advanced them to heights. The Dark Dragons tended to The Plane of Psyche as the Light Dragons tended to those of Holy. In the Plane of Holy, they were called by the titles of The Seraphim. They lived among them and gave to them knowledge of The Plane of Light and Dark. Among the Holy Beings leaders would arise and be given different names from the caste of the others. Their names determined their positioning within their civilizations. Names ending in “iel” were of a more revered caste that governed the civilization in a balanced theology of Spiritual Protectors. Names ending in “ael” were born from a lineage of Royalty and were those that held communion with The Seraphim. They could be the Highest Priest or The Ruler of Nations. Then there were Holy Beings given special names, they were seen as Wanderers and Guides by the civilizations. This special caste of Holy Beings ventured forth within the universe on missions designated by The Seraphim and relayed to them through those who had their communion. These three Caste presented what was termed Nobility among The Holy Beings. This Civilization would develop a deep understanding of The Source of Consciousness and hold deep love and protection towards Earth’s Evolution once it manifested. The Seraphim spoke of a time when Greater Beings would awaken that would be graced directly from The Source of Consciousness from manifestation, many praised and prepared for the coming event. The Laborers among these Holy Beings generally possessed a “Z” anywhere within their names, any combinations of other letters would determine any social mixtures. This would make up the mass of their civilizations and the farthest from knowing beyond their existence. Many were Of Consciousness like that of The Elementals of Lower Planes and were not thus Conscious. Since their Life Spans are considerably longer than we can fathom, this manifested another Absolute Law.

The 8th Absolute Law states that with the attentive acceptance of experience, Beings of Consciousness may be graced into comprehending Absolute Truth, though must be Conscious to be graced with knowing The Absolute.

This Law enhances that of the 7th, for the 7th prioritized Beings that were Conscious. While this embraced Beings that were Of Consciousness but not Conscious. This was not an easy path but gave to all long-lived Beings of Consciousness a way that overtime, as they perfected their position in life, they would inevitably unlock new pathways that placed them on the Path of Truth. The Civilizations that were now well-established, would now have to accept that Awakened Consciousness was forming among their once considered Lower Caste. This will be continued further into the writings. I will not give much detail to The Plane of Psyche, for it was covered extensively in the second book. But their evolution was one of solitude and quiet observation. They recorded all that was within The Known Universe and its happenings. They came to realize The Universal Mind as their Godhead and rarely sought any outside council from other Beings within The Known Universe. Thus, disconnecting to the Dragons of Dark in the process. They gained the knowledge to move throughout The Known Universe unnoticed throughout the many levels of Dimensions they created that paired to the Physical Realm. Inventing a Civilization that amassed much knowledge and keeping it, they became The Guardians of the well-known Akashic Records. They would associate themselves with Water’s Evolution for they are attracted to deep forming Minds and Intellectual Contemplation.

This now laid the groundwork for the evolving Known Universe. All stories that we tell are generally associated with these past experiences as Mystics tap into fragments of The Collective Consciousness. All Galactic Beings residing in the residue of our manifested forms expressing their individual experiences of what was. But all with New Consciousness and reassembling towards Absolute Truth. The Greater Beings will manifest through a variety of Planes and become known as Gods to the early evolutions on earth. Primordial Elementals (Titans) will come forth from The Plane of Chaos and wage wars as early evolutions lay witness. We would inevitably submit to these greater powers and many times worship their grandeur not realizing our place within this design. Which far exceeds all Beings born prior to us.

We will individually create understandings through our separate experiences, this will become accepted truth for the current civilizations. Names of all Beings and Entities will process through many lifetimes and constantly be given new names and titles. Two among The Dark Dragons will even incarnate on Earth through a later realization to give wisdom to those who walked the Conscious Paths.

All Creationism stories that have “Primordial Waters” or “Birthing from Chaos” beliefs give us an insight into this. These are of a time when The Titans warred with Greater Elementals looked at by us as Deities. These Beings in human-like qualities were because they were of the Elemental Planes, and in many events possessed control over specific elements. The Dark Beings would later seek to control our societies as many types of Warlike Deities that demanded our service. While Good Deities led by a host of Natural Greater Elementals that influenced earth consciousness as a counterbalance. Then this time will pass. The Grand Beings will lead us for a brief period which will be spoken of in later chapters.

We would later have The Higher Elementals attempt to lead us towards greater understandings. Holy Beings walked among us as Psyche Beings structured our societies. Men if white garbs personally walking among societies and doing a great amount of good. They will haunt our ancient literature with obscurities that will stay rewritten by Visionaries and Empathic Mystics far past the time of occurrence. Then they will leave us.

Next, for the first-time earth will produce its own Greater Beings. They will lead in both good and bad ways and will be met with the arrival of Star Beings. All attempting to stake their claim in our survival. Though we have been left alone (it seems) to prosper, it does not mean that they are not observing our actions. The fight has been taken to dimensions and realms that we are awakening to. Those left are The Holy Alliance and The Plane of Dark. I will impart more of what The Conscious Collective knows, and still The Absolute Laws were in manifestation.

Excerpt from the book “Omniscience: The Conscious Collective Reawakened” ~ By Jason Mondragon ~ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08WLDHGFD

To see more of this writer’s work ~ https://consciousnessuniversal.com

Guest Posts {9} ~ Making the Unconscious Conscious ~ A Higher Calling

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This is a guest post from LaDonna Remy ~ http://perspectiveontrauma.com~

From the writings of Carl Gustav Jung.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ~ Carl G. Jung

Knowing and accepting oneself, fully, is a life’s work. One in which making the unconscious conscious, as Jung so eloquently states, in the above quote, is the real work in understanding and having direction in our lives.

This is not an easy journey. For Jung this meant finding one’s individual purpose in life. This individuation comes through gaining an understanding of one’s life story (that which lives in our personal unconscious) and further understanding that we are interconnected, as a people, and driven by forces held within our collective unconscious or collective conscience.

If you’re on a journey to know your own self (as Jung theorized is the purpose of this life) reading his sometimes mind bending and always thought-provoking work is a good companion in this process. Jung’s work and philosophies are deeply fascinating as they appear to merge the mystical and analytical to support one’s journey toward both understanding the self and contributing to a better world.

Carl Jung is one of the most influential and well-respected voices in analytic psychology. In reading his memoir (Memories, Dreams, Reflections) his courage and belief in doing (and living) what he believed was right, even in the face of incredible adversity, is evident.
Jung spoke of the soul (in part) as our center and the holder of unconscious material. The material found in the collective unconscious, that we are each born to our lifetime with. (Our ancestral and societal experiences). He believed that we receive messages from our unconscious that directs us in the process of individuation or finding our purpose. (In essence our higher calling.)

He recognized in his work and his writings (almost to the demise of his reputation and career) that there are larger internal and external forces at work in our lives. Further that these forces contain polarity. (Good and evil, difference and sameness, effectiveness and ineffectiveness’, beauty, and ugliness, etc.) It is this polarity that we must wrestle with, often unbeknownst to us, as we ideally find and live our purpose. This in turn, through outward manifestation, creates a better society for all.

He saw this process as identifying and accepting the polarity (good/evil) within us (through both our personal and collective history) as our work. An integration of our shadow, so to speak. It is in understanding the conflict between the poles, found here, and consciously wrestling with and choosing (for example) good over evil that we come to know and live our purpose or higher calling.

We could easily succumb to the less difficult path by not questioning or by going along with the larger masses or status quo. Within this process we unwittingly lend ourselves to further individual and collective pain. Believing this is fated. We simply accept and never struggle with the questions of our part in creating our own inner turmoil and the collective outward effects this has on the larger world.
In his memoir, Jung wrote of this process (the process of wrestling with and integrating our personal and collective shadow) stating “Such a conflict always presupposes a higher sense of responsibility”.

Jung, born in 1875, was exploring and beginning to share his theories in the early 1900’s. A time when psychiatry and psychology were in their infancy. His exploration over time (of this internal world) engaged and incorporated the work of theology, mythology, alchemy, dream analysis, symbolism, synchronicity, individuation, archetypes, paradoxical dilemma, world cultures and practices, thoughts on life after death, intuition/mediumship, and depths of the individual human psyche and collective consciousness.

It would have been easy for him to have gone along with the influential thinking of his time (where asylums were a predominate form of treatment) thankfully he did not. He explored the vast world of his clients and his own internal and ancestral self, incorporating the above ideologies, against considerable backlash. His work and personal journey gave us a much deeper and broader understanding of the human journey.
His contribution has been profound, much more detailed than what can be written here, and when understood lends much to individual and societal growth.

In one of his last writings (in 1959 prior to his passing in 1961) he summed his thinking on this matter very clearly in stating the following. “Today humanity as never before, is split into two apparently irreconcilable halves. The psychological rule says that when an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate. That is to say; when the individual remains undivided and does not become conscious of his inner contradictions, the world must per force act out the conflict and be torn into opposite halves”.

As written about, in previous posts, the current state of our world could be understood within Jungian concepts as could answers to many of the struggles we face individually and collectively. One would believe a considerable change might occur if we each struggled with our part, looking deeply into the eye of our own and our society’s history, and worked diligently to hold our self (through conscious thought and action) and in turn our society to the highest standard of accountability for the collective good of all citizens.

As always, I will add resources at the end of this article.

Deepest care and highest respect,

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Photo: Pixabay

National Hotlines:
Treatment Referral Helpline: (1-877-726-4727)
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-825


Website: https://www.facebook.com/JungianSynchronicity

Jung Carl G. and Jaffe’ Aneila: Memories, Dreams, Reflections.
Jung Carl G: The Red Book.
Jung Carl G: Modern Man in Search of a Soul.

Whitney, Mark. Matter of Heart.

To see more of this writer’s work ~ http://perspectiveontrauma.com

Guest Posts {8} ~ Shamanic Sleep

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This is a guest post from SoloOnTheRocx ~ http://soloontherocx.com~

Do we die

When we sleep?

Destined to live

A life on repeat?

To start anew

When we wake?

Given the breath of life

With each day break?

Are you dying

From terminal disease?

Giving yourself to cosmic energies

In search of relief?

Are you dying

To dream of another world?

Found in collective unconscious

Among infinite possibilities to behold

Will you die

When you fall asleep?

Returning to the dream

Of the cosmic self beneath?

Will you be reborn

When you wake?

Curious to the path

Your soul will take?To see more of this writer’s work: http://soloontherocx.com

Guest Posts {6} ~ You Deserve To Be Yourself

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This is a guest post from Taruchaya ~ https://taruchaya.wordpress.com~

There may be certain times
when you want to drown your inner voice.
And all other discordant noises
of those we can’t ignore by choice.
There’s a battle of emotions,
somewhere dark and deep inside.
Though you desperately want to revolt
but are meticulously moulded to abide.
Why are you so utterly weak while
there are countless others who fight?
Why be so pitifully submissive,
when you know you are right?
You ain’t a saint worshipped on an altar.
You ain’t a blasphemous sinner.
An idealistic race no longer exists
to declare a loser or winner.
Your silence is not a fatal flaw…
people aren’t conditioned to hear.
They only listen to what they want-
silence is something they fear.
Its okay to dread your own thoughts.
Its okay to not want to hear oneself.
You can curl back into your cocoon.
You deserve to be yourself!

© Taruchaya

To see more of this poet’s work: https://taruchaya.wordpress.com

Guest Posts {5} ~ Hop Song

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This is a guest post from Woodsy ~ https://woodsydotblog.wordpress.com~

Not many people knew about my romance with Fawn. We kept it wrapped up secret in a little pendant which neither of us took off, guarded by one of those secret floral combinations that the old forest scribes used to write into flower petals.

Not that most people would have been interested enough to break the code.

You’d think, given the nature of our relationship, that we’d have been the talk of the town back then, given the way we used to hop everywhere like a couple of demented cartoon bunnies.

Surprising, though, most people seemed unable or unwilling to see us, hopping down the street, hopping through the supermarket aisles, hopping into all the little offices where all the little regulations were implemented in an attempt to frame our lives in more static terms.

We hopped through phone calls from people who had better ideas about what we should be doing with our lives.

We hopped through conversations where people explained what was wrong with the world and why society would start to function so much better if people learned to sit still in chairs.

We listened to people for whom life was all about money and responsibility and special lenses (available at a discount through mail order catalogues) that allowed you to twist and shift the light around you, so that people only saw the most appropriate use of time and finance and effort when they were scrutinising your files.

We hopped down filthy alleys, looking for things we’d been forced to throw away and would probably never find again.

We hopped love circles ’til our feet bled, usually around people who wept and smiled every time they saw us, and showered us with kisses and made us stumble, then hauled us back to our feet and pushed us out the door in the hope that our hop dance might leave a kinder rhythm on the world’s stale air.

Most of the time, we would never see such people again. Or if we did, there would be only the tiniest specks of recognition, damp behind eyes in which all the lights had been turned off.

We hopped through the woods, over soft mossy carpets and dry bark trampolines and up the side of massive trees.

We hopped along beaches, tapping out a shell-crunch drumbeat against the bolder melodies of the tide and splattering phosphorescent fireworks in the roaring air as the spray bounced off our bouncing bodies.

We hopped over each other’s skin, stretching as we did so, opening up places that had lingered unspoken and undiscovered in our consciousness. We punctuated each other’s aches and passions with our secret bunny-foot choreography, and entire galaxies began to tremble at the pulsating warmth of our embrace.

We sang so deep and so wild, the Universe still talks about us over coffee and burnt-out stars.

Right now, however, I just walk a lot, generally through places I don’t want to be, waiting for the moment when I can’t take any more and the little hopping backpack in the corner of my room becomes too heavy to ignore.

The phrase “I wish I could help you” echoes everywhere.

But what they really wish is that the hopping would stop.

I have Fawn’s heartbeat locked in a pendant. I have the snores of sleeping galaxies in my feet. I have words that bounce along the ripples of lakes like stones skimming across a page. Every time they tear the rhythm out of me, I unlock my secret place and claw a piece of it back.

But sometimes, in the middle of all their probes and prods, I start to hate it too.

To see more of this poet’s work: https://woodsydotblog.wordpress.com

Guest Posts {4} ~ M I N D Says #01

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This is a guest post from Dattatraya ~ http://mindcaremagic.com~

M I N D refered here is obviously Subconscious MIND! It has been mentioned and we all know that, we have two Minds. Normal or Outer or Sensible i.e. Conscious and Silent or Inner or Insensible i.e. Subconscious MIND. Conscious never says anything! On the contrary it acts and gets the things done! It doesn’t have any willingness to say or listen. ( to subconscious or to me) It has no patience! It knows only itself! Always and forever, insisting on it’s plans! It has no concern, for the future but worried and concerned about, only present tense!

Now, MIND, which can say something, to me ( to my normal Mind ) is the Subconscious M I N D! This MIND is realistic! This MIND is having knowledge of each and everything! Maybe relationship, maybe person, maybe situation, maybe difficulty or problem of life or Maybe fate of myself! We need not touch to the Entity : SOUL here. But if SOUL is there and is in action, Subconscious MIND is the representative of SOUL! This MIND, always and often, is in stable condition! This MIND never misses, it’s duty and Responsibility! Obviously and Naturally, Subconscious MIND, has to Say whatever is best, necessary and required!

Very well known and always turned down ( by me: Conscious Mind ) First ‘SAY’ of Subconscious MIND is :

” T H I N K! ” or ” THINK BEFORE YOU ACT! “!

To see more of this writer’s work: http://mindcaremagic.com

Guest Posts {3} ~ Ikigai ~ My Story Of Embracing Change

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This is a guest post from Malaika ~ https://smilinglittlethings.wordpress.com~

Hello everyone, this post is all about how I applied this book’s secret in my life and how my life was impacted by it.

I read Ikigai, The Japanese Secret to a long and happy life during the start of this year and decided to apply its wisdom to my life. The books takes us close to being more organic and simple minded. It talks about how Japanese are able to live a long and a happy life by finding their Ikigai.

The first habit I changed about myself was getting up really late and then rushing myself in the morning. Now as many of the centenarians in the Japan do, I get up early though not very early but early enough to witness the birds chirping on the tree, notice how the first rays of sun have entered my home. I look at my plants how new leaves are unfolding, are my plants happy or sad, for which I never had any time before. Here I embrace the concept of living unrushed morning.

The second habit that I developed is about eating right by adding less but diverse food in terms of color and nutritional value. Japanese are said to eat 80% of their hunger and they eat more vegetables, fruits, rice and legumes. There is also a concept known as micro flow in the book which asks us to find flow in mundane thing. I prepare food with love every morning with the intention of making the best wholesome food for my family to find that micro flow. I try to remain as organized as I can and hence find meaning in cleaning and decluttering my house.

The third beautiful habit that I inculcated over the past three months is going outside every evening with the intention of soaking more nature, marvel the changing colors of the skies during sunset, move my body a little daily. The book lays a lot of emphasis on moving your body throughout the day as against one hour rigorous exercise at the gym. I realized that when you add some meaning to your daily activities you are able to add them to your routines without making them monotonous. I also practice Suryapranam in the morning and do few breathing exercises. This is how I keep my body moving.

The fourth change that I made in my life because of this book was being more social and trying to live in community helping people , making friends. Though I will not say that suddenly now I am at the heart of a social circle, but yes now I have few people who know me in my society, I have few people to say hello to, smile at them help them in contrast to my earlier life of me, Netflix ,malls, shopping. Also now I talk to my parents almost daily on the phone, message my relatives and old friends every now and then. Now I am more open to people around me and I found every one seeks connection and spread smiles besides all other things It makes me feel more grounded and grateful.

The fifth change that I really love is The book asks us to do some “mental work out ” on a daily basis. It says that , a healthy mind and a healthy mind are both very important so we should challenge ourselves into learning new things daily keeping our capacities in mind. I learned how to use my Nikon Dslr, also brushed off the dust from my guitar to learn more and more and it brought me immense joy.

My final thoughts or Where the crux of this book lies is that If you align your lifestyle with how Japanese lived, you will surely find your purpose or your Ikigai. For me I never thought of creating a blog ever but happened to create it. Following the Ikigai wisdom all the background noise from my life silently disappeared and I realized how blissful our lives can become if we surrender ourselves to the present moment.

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Guest Posts {2} ~ High Windows & Rainbows

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This is a guest post from Woodsy ~ https://woodsydotblog.wordpress.com~

Can you beat away their anger with a stick?

Can you make their pain irrelevant
by being condescending to it?

Can you stop an avalanche
by moving out of the danger zone,
securing your walls
and ignoring those you left behind?

Can you do these things
and still expect people drenched in the truth of
open rain
to buy into the lie of your colour schemes?

Apparently, you think you can.

there is no fertile ground
between the river gullies,
sweeping away the songs of souls
tender for your storm guards to allow.

It’s such an old and weary story now,

played out in so many countries,
in so many textures…
on the canvas
of so many people’s

pointlessly zeroed and pageless lives.

Truth through your lens
can stretch and stitch itself
into any weave that fits –

truth in the cheap seats
holds no such
for me.

look so falsely glossed and phoney now –

ever since you stole them
from their phantom
halfway house
behind the sky,

dressed up the wounds behind a cosmic crash site of an eye

and made them your message
and your brush

to paint over the pain of broken bones
in river beds,
airbrush the bloodstains

and pretend
that a life dissolving in despair

was a life not earned.

used to be so soft,

so fuzzy and formless,
in their half-drawn arcs…
colours tattered on the ragged blades of clouds…

falling like half-glimpsed fingers in the rain,
to caress your eyes
with the echoes of those storms you’ve walked through

and leave some part of your soul to float

here with the rootless truth of river songs and floods.

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Guest Posts {1} ~ Authentic Colors

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This is a guest post from Spiritual Fantasia ~ http://spiritualfantasia.com~

Your Light source gleams

Beyond the limits of the mind!

Find the freedom,

To let it shine!

There might be pressure to

Cut yourself with harsh lines,

And box yourself in tight spaces

That can’t fit your size.

Nevertheless, your Light will

Find a way

To shine outside

These lines.

Brighter still

Your Light never dims.

It explodes with colors

And breaks conformity!

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