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Forms fractlized

Vehicles crystallised

Spirit metamorphorzed

Soul individualised

Humanity in drag civilised

Flashing lights, city nights, hypnotised

Reality mystified

Comprehension minimised

Patterns synchronized

Markers on the way signified

Civilization tyranized

Everyday life improvised

Pretend sympathised

Suffering legitimised

Truth seekers stigmatised

Thoughts and beliefs systematically refined

Samadhi epitomised

Feelings mechanised

A human family traumatised

Perspective minimized

Warping in and out of consciousness behind these walls, confined

~DiosRaw, 09/05/21

~Seat Of The Soul~

Every existence is recorded in your soul, which again sits next to the heart and it is through the soul you access Creator and your many expressions within Creation. Accessing this and having this knowledge is a threat to your ego, who believes it is a body and personality, and the herd or social consciousness.

~Fractals Of Creator~

We are all fractals of Creator, as you expand in awareness and consciousness your identity expands and takes in your other identities on other planes and dimensions some existing simultaneously. This includes lives in other dimensions, in other civilizations, some very advanced. As you expand further you realize it is all you as every enlightened Master, Saint and Sage have said throughout time. The whole universe lies within you.