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Bhojana is a Sanskrit word that means “food,” “meal” and “enjoyment.” Even though bhojana is most often associated with eating, it can refer to the enjoyment of food through sensory impressions, such as smell and sight. In the spiritual traditions that originated in India, bhojana plays a key role in worship, life and even medicine.

In the life of a devout Hindu, bhojana is an important part of the daily routine and is considered a divine act in itself. In Hindu worship, food is offered to the deities and then distributed to the faithful at the end of the service. In Ayurveda, dietary regimens based on the seasons are used to prevent illness and dietary changes are prescribed for healing.

~You Are Here For The Human Experience~

You are here to gain knowledge of the human experience and many have spent multiple lifetimes learning through trial and tribulation to achieve wisdom and connect with the higher expressions of the heart consciousness through compassion, acceptance, kindness and grace. None of which would have become known to you without going through the very experiences that embed that knowledge within you. ~ Unknown


Sheshanaga is one of the primal beings of creation according to Hindu philosophy. He is a many-headed coiled snake that constantly sings of the glories of Vishnu from his many mouths and is often depicted carrying Vishnu. Some consider Sheshanaga to be a servant of Vishnu or a manifestation of Vishnu.

The name comes from the Sanskrit shesha which means “remainder” and can be interpreted as “that which remains when all else ceases to exist.” This is because, in Hindu philosophy, when the world is destroyed, Sheshanaga remains exactly as he is.


Desa-kala-patra is a Balinese life doctrine that explores the relationship and dynamics of where one lives, when one lives and the circumstances in which one lives. The words translate as desa, meaning “place”; kala, meaning “time,” and patra, meaning “individual.” Desa-kala-patra recognizes that all aspects of life are influenced by these factors and can determine the circumstances that an individual can and cannot control.