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~Manas Prakriti~

In Ayurveda, Manas Prakriti refers to a person’s mental constitution, made up of a unique ratio of three Maha Gunas (universal qualities) in the mind; sattva (clarity and balance), rajas (passion and movement) and tamas (inertia and stagnation). Sattva is the original and true nature of the mind, but this gets affected by rajas and tamas throughout life.

Both Prakriti (physical constitution) and Manas Prakriti are determined at conception, but whilst Prakriti remains fixed throughout an individual’s lifetime, Manas Prakriti is changeable and may develop over time. Since diet and lifestyle have the biggest impact on Manas Prakriti, mental disturbances are generally treated via nutrition, yoga and meditation.


Stotra is a Sanskrit word that means “praise,” “hymn of praise,” “ode” and “eulogy.” It typically refers to a genre of Hindu texts that are sung (rather than recited) and that praise various aspects and incarnations of the Divine, such as Shiva, Rama, Hanuman, Vishnu, Durga and Lakshmi.

Stotras (or stotram) originate in the Vedas, the earliest of Hindu scriptures, particularly the “Rig Veda,” and in the Puranas, Indian texts that cover a wide range of topics.