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~Medulla Oblongata~

The medulla oblongata is the lower part of the brain stem that connects the brain and spinal chord. It controls involuntary functions of the body like breathing, sneezing, heart rate, blood pressure and swallowing.

Within yoga philosophy, the ego is considered to be centered at the medulla oblongata. It also is considered the primary entry of prana into the body.


Ahankara is a Sanskrit word that describes the ego, the image a person has of him/herself or the conscious mind as he/she perceives it.

The term comes from the root, aham, which translates as “I am”; and kara, which means “doing” or “making.” A related term, asmita, is sometimes used as a synonym for ahankara, but whereas the latter describes the ego, the former describes egoism or attachment to what the ego desires.

Ahankara can also be thought of as the yogi’s sense of who he or she is. It can be either positive or negative and include self-worth, desires, thoughts and personality.