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Hiranyagarbha is a Sanskrit term that translates to “golden embryo,” “golden womb” or “golden egg.” It is derived from the root words hiranya, meaning “golden” or “wealth,” and garbha, meaning “womb,” “germ/seed” or “essence.” It is also the name of the founder of the yoga tradition — predating even Patanjali, who authored the Yoga Sutras. Whether Hiranyagarbha was human or a deity is not established, but the name first appears prominently as a form of the sun god.

The pre-Pantanjali yoga system is sometimes referred to as hiranyagarbha yoga darshana (yoga system of philosophy).

Sacred Geometry {11} ~ Egg Of Life

A symbol that has been used to represent new life, rebirth and fertility. The Egg of Life is the second iteration of a process that constructs the Flower of Life. Adding six additional circles to the seed of life you are able to produce the Egg of Life. This can also be formed by the eight spheres contained within the three dimensional Metatron’s Cube.