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No longer rely

On the flash falsety continuity of thought

That veils awareness from knowing itself

That distracts reality from experiencing itself

And plays hide and seek behind the illusion facade

Re-membering who we are in self-realization

You are the subtlest of the subtle

You are not any experience

You are not any circumstance

You are not any predicament

You are not any speculation

You are not any sensation

None of these encapsulates your true existence

You are the presence that perceives all things

And yet you are none of them

The knower of the known

Paradoxically the one who sees and the one who does not see

The observer of worlds and the meta-reality of multiverses.

~DiosRaw, 28/05/21


Nondualism is the belief that dualism or dichotomy are illusory phenomenae. Examples of dualisms include self/other, mind/body, male/female, good/evil, active/passive, and many others. A nondual philosophical or religious perspective or theory maintains that there is no fundamental distinction between mind and matter, or that the entire phenomenological world is an illusion (with the reality being described variously as the Void, the Is, Emptiness, or the Mind of God).