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Poetry By Woodsy & Amber {6} ~ The Long Fall Drifter

These once familiar walls, now closing in, the blurred lines are running thin
Want so much to fall away, feel a free thing not quite catch me
Hurling through the depths of the earth, hell has basements, when you think you’ve reached a floor, a trapdoor swings open
Steals me again and again –
out of this me
I wanted so deeply once to be
Whispers of should, could, would, echo within chaos and order

I want to stand, feel the splash and taste the chime –
the stream between fingers and mountains and stars ripped open through the storm.
I want to stand,
even here, behind the rain.
And feel alive, become the storm that whips up around the sound of crackling thunder
Lightning that lights up the atmospheric scenes of life, a looped tape on repeat, a cassette tape jammed inside the mind of a drifter.

~Woodsy {WoodsyDotBlog} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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