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Journal {7} ~ 23/04/21 ~ Standard Doctors Aren’t Doctors

Standard doctors aren’t doctors, they are trained from a university text book, brainwashed into thinking in the institutional way and don’t seem to have compassion or understanding of the mind~body~spirit connection at all. The answer to my health problems after a blunt and numb phone call.. “What do you expect us to do?” No words and let the phone go dead. You phone the doctors for help not for more pain; feeling alone in the despair of ill health.

This is not always the case, but in our world the healthcare systems are there to profit off of our ill health; the sad and ugly truth.

Upside down world.

~Love is the answer. Amber, DiosRaw 23/04/21

Journal {6} ~ 22/04/21 ~ A Message To My Doctors

“Hi, my heart is feeling very very weak, I have a lot of heart pain and chest pain with searing, stabbing pains coming from my heart. My lungs hurt and I have a lump in my throat that hasn’t gone down (I was given a nasal spray and it didn’t work when tried) which makes me have problems swallowing and breathing. My anxiety is severely bad and I feel very very weak, tired and the fibromyalgia pain. I have collapsed a few times and lost consciousness.

I had test results that came back indicating I have deficiencies in Vitamin B12, Iron and Vitamin D. I would like to have the Vitamin-B12 injections, apologies for any inconveniences when I stopped after the first injection a month or so ago. The Iron and Vitamin-D supplements I cannot take due to the ingredients which give me severe allergies.. What can I do to restore my Iron and Vitamin-D levels? I can’t eat any foods except 8 due to my gut lining being damaged by the pharmaceuticals given to me at 19, I am allergic to pretty much everything; weak weak immune system. Please help me, my health is very bad and I am scared.”

~Love is the answer. Amber, DiosRaw 23/04/21