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Myths {1} ~ Carrots Don’t Help You See In The Dark

The idea that carrots will help you see in the dark is due to a myth begun by the Air Ministry in World War II. To prevent the Germans finding out that Britain was using radar to intercept bombers on night raids, they issued press releases stating that British pilots were eating lots of carrots to give them exceptional night vision. This fooled the British public, as well as German High Command and an old wive’s tale was born.


We have lost the touch with who we truly are

Insecurities running the show

Flashing lights, temptations lighting up in false glow

Through a world that profits from pain and addiction

Self-loathing, hate and contradiction

Sneaky deals, snakes and manipulation

Upholding the ego consolidation

The world gifts us so much pain

Yet here we are not yet insane

Making gold out of breaking chains

This is the pure reminants of the human resilience of spirit

For one day we shall return to dust

Remembering who we truly are before we loose the scared trust.

~DiosRaw 13/04/21

Poetry {7} ~ CAGED MELODY

Locked in a cage

Craving a cathartic turn of a new page

Four walls claustrophobic

A bird that cannot see through this imprisoned rage

His wings are clipped and his feet are tied

What was that fractal in him that died?

A bird who damaged her wing and had forgotten how to fly

There was a song she used to sing but cannot remember why

Singing it’s melody heard far and wide

She had been inside for too long, drowning her with a coming tide

All for your safety remember, they always will and had lied.

~DiosRaw 29/03/21

~About The Author, My Story: Amber, DiosRaw~

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Poetry {3} ~ BORN TO DIE

Sunken soul

You see a face without a name

Names give us egos, unified yet not the same

Drenched in collapsed walls

Concieved under Victoria Falls

Wishing she would stop wishing

Instead I endlessly search these cosmic waters fishing

I’m afraid of those thoughts inside my head

Wishing a floating butterfly replaced those instead

Trepidation creeping on glass nails I tread

Waiting for the day I will sleep peacefully amongst the dead

Screaming to hell

Leaving this story behind I tell

Breaking my limbs on rocks as I fell

They could bring me to my knees

Every night begging God please

Taking a deep breathe, unconsciousness is the dream

Hard to think of a future when all those moments of pleasure floated down stream

Pricks of water reflecting the sunshine gleam

Clutching at sanity

Gasping in a sea, coming up for air, riddled with insanity

The world around passes by in sound and muffled voices

I have to live with those precarious choices

Sinking into the centre whilst rotations spin

What did I do in a past-life, commit such a sin?

That my life would turn out this way

Taking responsibility will give you meaning

Words, ideas and concepts teeming

All we do we do to ourselves ultimately

Plummeting down

Dreaming of those flashing lights in places I haven’t been downtown

Someone once asked what it felt like to be living this life

Closing her eyes she thought of being electrocuted by thunder and lightning

Instead she said imagine waking up in the middle of the sea

Under direct sunlight

Gargling salt water

Drowning in your own juices

Forgetting how to swim

Knowing you could die right there

Loosing touch with how it started

These minds of ours uncharted

And seeing no finale

Wasn’t I born to die?

~DiosRaw 26/03/21