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Parigraha is the concept of possessiveness and greed. It also refers to the desire for and attachment to material things. The word comes from the Sanskrit, pari, meaning “on all sides,” and graha, meaning “to grab.” Therefore, the term may be translated as “taking more than one needs.”

In yoga, parigraha is the opposite of aparigrapha (non-possessiveness). Striving for aparigraha, or eliminating parigraha, is one of the yamas (restraints) that the sage, Patanjali, lists in his Yoga Sutras.


In Hindu and yogic philosophy, simran is the act of profound reflection that leads to awareness of the true nature of the Self. Simran is a Punjabi word that comes from the Sanskrit word, smarana, meaning “reminiscence,” “remembrance,” “mental recitation” and “calling upon the name of God.”

In Sikhism, simran is the act of reciting or repeating the name of God in remembrance. It is believed that practicing simran purifies the believer, freeing him/her from attachment and helping attain mukti (salvation or spiritual liberation).