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Poetry By Kritika & Amber {2} ~ Time’s Cadence

Since our time of birth, have you fathomed the depth of infinity within the microcosm of us?

Time’s cadence, a playful teacher, dressed in hues of mystery

Amorphous narratives weaving stories through the tapestry of universal consciousness, thus superfluous

Unwrapping the gift of present wafting through the invisible layer of time

Dripping in translation distortion through varying dimensional thought pattern awarenesses

We are lost or are we? Delicacy of its intricate design witnessing only the sincerity of day and night.

Cementing time’s meaning, alive through our beliefs and concepts, yet swimming amongst the timeless existence of the nebulous ultimate

The value of which increases with the passing of moments bringing us closer to the end.

Cycling back, diving into the stream of transcendental love, accompanying us on our way home through multidimensional places where time has no residence outside human

Only the Now exists, thus superfluous.

Tidal waves cleanse an adjacent time conundrum, the deluge is approaching, adrift, soaking, submerging in the world of imagination..

~By Kritika {ValorousBird} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Kuchipudi is a classical Indian dance known for its dramatic nature and distinctive for its use of speech and singing. It is named after the village, Kuchelapuram, in the Krishna district in South India. According to legend, the dance was founded by an orphan called Siddhendra Yogi.

A typical Kuchipudi dance combines music, dancing and acting to present a scene from a Hindu scripture, myth or legend. It includes worship rituals and invocations of the gods and goddesses, devotion being the key element in the choreography of the dance. The purpose of Kuchipudi is to emphasize bhakti, which is the worship and devotion toward the Hindu gods, and to connect devotees and deities through dance.

Body Language {1} ~ What Is It?

Body language is a type of nonverbal communication in which physical behaviours, as opposed to words, are used to express or convey information. Such behaviour includes facial expressions, body posture, gestures, eye movement, touch and the use of space.

It has been suggested that body language may account for between 60 to 65% of all communication.

Understanding body language is important, but it is also essential to pay attention to other cues such as context. In many cases, you should look at signals as a group rather than focusing on a single action.


Goddess, in Hinduism, can refer to the supreme Mother Goddess or any number of female deities. Depending on the tradition, the goddess can also be an avatar of the Mother Goddess or a deity in her own right.

A goddess may be known by many names, and worshipped and personified in many forms. The supreme goddess is known by her Sanskrit name, Devi, in many Hindu traditions. In the Shakta Hindu tradition, she is known as Shakti, the female principle of divine energy in goddess form.

The goddess can be channeled through a yoga practice and she has even inspired some asanas.

Poetry By Mehwish & Amber {1} ~ Re-Emerging Goddess

The divine feminine goddess cradles light; packed in a body that itself creates life,
feeds it sacrifice, and nurtures it with love and care,
then fights and forgives the evil, a trivial, goes on with the journey of life
unravelling the travel in a mysterious way.
She dissolves herself into oneness,
she kindles a fire within to provide the warmth, burning slowly with no flame (smoulder)
deep within the womb of Mother Earth.
Devoted to herself and her fragrant self-awareness felt in her auric glow,
the light taken away now left with darkness she lives.
The repression of the feminine has led to a planet on the verge of collapse,
re-emerging, a dance to behold.
Help her pull wisdom from her past pains to soothe and help those in pieces become whole
fearlessness recognized,
sealing and unsealing the gates to her heart;
protecting herself yet expressing her vulnerability.
Evergiving, her fruits of source
here is she,
with her left ashes.. rises again as a phoenix.

~By Mehwish {MiyayasPicturesque} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Philosophical Questions {3} ~ Does The Study Of Philosophy Ever Lead To Answers Or Simply More Questions?

I believe beyond concepts, words, questions and answers is the ultimate reality, however questions and answers can point the way to the ultimate reality. Philosophy leads to more questions in an infinite loop..

Feel free to leave your thoughts below..


My mind, the only luminosity in the darkened space

Every night the longest day

In a world inverted, where left is right

Eyes growing heavy, frustration building

Zombie trance states follow me through the day

Cycle in disruption

Burning eyes, blanked and blurred, soul destruction

How many voices have escaped you till now

The creaking of the floor, the clanking of mechanical engineering, the whispers of the night

The twisting of the sheets, bare breast in your hand, holding me tight

I am still learning how to go back and re-read chapters

Without feeling like I want to set those pages on fire

Sleep deprivation groggy and dire

Those hypnagogic states, secretly peaceful in silent gates

Not alive, not dead, I am awake in the desert of an eye.

~DiosRaw, 04/05/21