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Asamprajnata is one of the different types of samadhi, which is a term that relates to spiritual ecstasy and is the ultimate goal of meditation.

Asamprajnata is an important term in yoga philosophy as it describes the ideal state which dedicated yogis searching for spiritual awakening try to achieve. During asamprajnata, the yogi’s sense of individual self disappears, as does the object that is being meditated upon.


Magnetised through every interaction

Every ripple spread

Each elucidation of our words said

Weaving through the convoluted steps we tread

In every face we meet

Echoing through the voices, bouncing off the street

In the school of mortality

Cradled by forevermore immortality

The Great Spirit is there

Invisibly and formlessly everywhere

In search of our true resting place

Seeking with questions and answers

To be found in experience dancers

The day you were born

You embarked on the greatest journey in this cosmical universe, yet some forlorn

Journeying back to source

After all,

We are walking eachother home.

~DiosRaw, 24/04/21