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Poetry By Karin & Amber {1} ~ Patterns In Cosmos

As architect and tenant of our imminent destruction and rebirth, we interlock into the chain of motions
Knowing our calling to this life this time as the phoenix is rising
Spiralling into imminent deaths and cyclical awakenings
Nothing is permanent; we live in a world of change taking each moment as Grace
Neurons firing into dreams, believing sense of the senseless sense patterns
We are beings full of ancestral beliefs and conditioning living in a new existence
Awakening to the collective trauma, ancestral lines running deep within the buried subconscious cycles we unconsciously spin
Asking us to pause and consciously decide what to release to travel lightly into a new future
To dream a new dimension of reality looping in dimensional levels.

By Karin {CicadaFibers} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Conjoined in the infinititude of cyclical rotations

Embedded within every molecule, quark and energetic spark

An absolute of indivisible

We are the hearts of stars, interstellar coalesced into vastness

Part of something far beyond our imagination

We are ants with cellphones, beyond third dimensional comprehension

I became a peculiarity, my own totality, freed from the cacophony

Together with you, I am you and you are me, you see?

I yearn to be the singularity

I strive to be free again, free from polarity.

~DiosRaw, 29/04/21


Asti is a Sanskrit word that means “it is” or “exists.” In the context of Indian philosophy, asti is the root of the word, astika, which refers to any of the classical schools of thought that believe in the existence of God and the authority of the Vedas, in particular. Asti is also the root word of nastika, which refers to those who do not believe in the authority of the Vedas.

Asti is also the name of a minor figure in Hindu mythology. She and her sister, Prapti, were married to Kamsa, who was king of Vrishni and in some accounts is described as a demon.

~Aham Vimarsha~

Aham vimarsha is a Sanskrit term referring to a perfect self-consciousness or a perfect sense of “I am-ness.” Aham translates to “I am” and vimarsha means “free will” or “will-consciousness.” It can also be defined as the “spontaneous vibration of self-consciousness.”

Yogic philosophy explains that the experience of aham vimarsha encompasses simultaneously experiencing one’s own absolute freedom, infinite bliss (or ananda) and the glory of being. This is described in the scriptures in references to Shiva’s recognition, through his inherent shakti, of his own self-consciousness. Thus, aham vimarsha can be considered the essential nature of Shiva and, consequently, the absolute Self.


Magnetised through every interaction

Every ripple spread

Each elucidation of our words said

Weaving through the convoluted steps we tread

In every face we meet

Echoing through the voices, bouncing off the street

In the school of mortality

Cradled by forevermore immortality

The Great Spirit is there

Invisibly and formlessly everywhere

In search of our true resting place

Seeking with questions and answers

To be found in experience dancers

The day you were born

You embarked on the greatest journey in this cosmical universe, yet some forlorn

Journeying back to source

After all,

We are walking eachother home.

~DiosRaw, 24/04/21