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Chrysalis of potential

The things pain made her do

Were far greater than she could have imagined

Than she postulated she was capable of

The sun appeared, rolled away

Flowers beheaded themselves

You look good, you look healthy they say

Maybe if you could feel the bruises I feel

If the burned skin blistered off and fell

And burned your skin too

If I swam in a green, purple and blue skin blood bath

If the tremors were more violent

If the muscles screamed louder

If you could hear the creaking of my joints

And the pounding in my head

If the shooting pains were sparks of light

And the aching were red in glows

If you could see the fog swirling above my mind

And hear the cells of my hippocampus dieing

Starving for serotonin and dopamine

Confession of symptoms mistaken for complaints

Forgetting, lost in a maze

Can’t promise to go, but can’t say I will stay in a daze

If you took my hand

And felt how heavy the weight of existence felt

If the sadness made me waste away

If the fatigue swallowed me up

And I never woke up

Maybe then you’d believe me wouldn’t you?

~DiosRaw, 05/05/21