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Guest Posts {15} ~ Songbird Of The Morning

This is a guest post from Tino ~ https://spacewalker314.wordpress.com

Songbird of the morning,
A brittle beak, a beak broken,
Its victories remain unspoken,

What glory is there in bragging?
For we still know the lyrics
Written in the morning sky,

It sits at our window,
Singing its verse for the day,
And worms crawl to the surface,
Lured by tunes of old;
A chorus echoed before man
Dragged its feet in the mud.

So the day goes on to another
Because the song remains ever-familiar
To the ears of a vengeful god,
Delaying our wasting away,
Only until the song’s reprise
Grows old, becomes forgotten.
Only until the song’s reprise
Becomes old, grows forgotten.

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Did You Know {2} ~ The Black Sun, Norway

The Black Sun (Sort Sol in Danish) is one of the most magnificent natural phenomena in Denmark that’s worth seeing at least once. Thousands of visitors from all over the world travel to the Scandinavian country to watch the sunset being blocked by massive flocks of birds, as for a few minutes Denmark’s sky resembles a painting.

Every year in spring and autumn, up to one million starlings migrate from Norway, Sweden and Finland, and on their way to France, Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands they create one of the most unique natural phenomena in Denmark.

The Black Sun, or ‘Sort Sol’ as the Danes it call it, occurs in southwestern Jutland in Denmark during autumn from August until the end of October, and in spring from the middle of March to the middle of April – when the starlings returning to the north make a stop at Wadden Sea National Park’s marshlands to rest and find food.