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Spiritual Laws {6} ~ Inspired Action

Law of Attraction practitioners regularly say that they wish they had known about the Law of Inspired action at an earlier stage! These two laws are tightly bound together, and the Inspired Action law tells us that we must actively pursue our goals.

Many people think that visualizing a goal and developing a positive attitude towards it will be sufficient to exploit the Law of Attraction.

However, you also have to take inspired steps towards that thing that you want. Whether it’s a big or small step, it instantly helps you to attract that relationship, job, or enhanced abundance you seek.


Tyaga is a Sanskrit word that means “abandonment,” “sacrifice,” “forsaking” and “renunciation.” In the Bhagavad Gita, tyaga refers to relinquishing the fruit of one’s actions. In the context of yoga and Hindu philosophy, tyaga is the dispassionate giving up of what results from one’s actions. Something is done simply because the action is supposed to be done – not for any positive or negative result.

When practicing tyaga, the yogi gives up anything or any attachment that stands between him/her and self-realization.