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~Transfiguration Butterfly~

In truth what transfiguration means – to change from one form into a totally new form. Look at immense changes the butterfly needed to go through before it could emerge in it’s new body and form. Yet had the butterfly resisted the change, and refused to be reinvented, it would never have seen the light of day in a new existence and form!

~Cosmic Sound~

In Hinduism and yogic philosophy, the cosmic sound is the auditory manifestation of Brahman, the Absolute Truth or Ultimate Reality. It is verbalized as the mantra, Om (also spelled Aum). According to the Bhagavad Gita, “God is the sound of Om.”

The cosmic sound is associated with the creation of the universe. It is believed that before creation, the humming of energy existed. That energy became the vibration of creation and so the universe was created out of the ever-present sound of Om. This cosmic sound and its vibration still exists around and inside everyone.

~Engraving In Memories~

Government officials have been engraving in your memories indoctrination and fear to the point that anything the media or they say, many human beings across the globe believe them without questioning it, if this is the truth. Please, use your discernment on what is the real truth and what is not. They are manipulating and brainwashing everyone to disturb the real perception of this reality. The Human Civilization needs to understand that they need to stand up for themselves and get their freedom back.

~Planetary Turmoil~

A lot of turmoil and chaos is taking place in this world. The governments continue to impose restrictions in your daily life by claiming and scaring you to death with the C0r0na√iru$, which you know by now that in reality, it doesn’t have worry to your health. Their fear tactics so far are only working on the ones who are not awake. These masks you are wearing are not preventing this √iru$, instead it’s only creating breathing issues for everyone..