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Breatharianism is the belief that survival without the consumption of food is possible and that prana alone can sustain one’s life. Also called inedia, a Latin word which means “fasting,” breatharianism is to live on sunlight, the source of prana, which is considered the life force by Hindu philosophy.

~Pranic Healing~

Pranic Healing is a trademarked method of healing that uses the body’s energy fields and the life-force energy known as prana, a Sanskrit word that means “breath of life.”

Spiritual teacher GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui founded the modern-day Pranic Healing as a way to open the body’s energy channels and allow the body to heal itself. Pranic Healing – a “no-touch” system – may be combined with and complement other medical treatments. It cleanses the person’s aura (energy body), thereby allowing prana to flow freely.