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Quotes {34} ~ Consciousness Created The Brain As A Means To Perceive Itself

“Although our brain doesn’t create consciousness – it’s far more likely that consciousness created the brain as a means to perceive itself – there are regions of the brain that become active when we enter certain states of awareness. For example, when we’re angry, there’s a region in the brain that lights up, while another region only becomes active when we’re joyful, in love, or in a meditative bliss. This is because the human brain is divided into four “sub-brains” that developed at different evolutionary stages. Each governs a different aspect of human nature.”~ Alberto Villoldo, Shaman

Quotes {28} ~ A Wound Is At The Centre Of Addictive Behaviours

“Not all addictions are rooted in abuse or trauma, but I do believe they can all be traced to painful experience. A hurt is at the centre of all addictive behaviours. It is present in the gambler, the Internet addict, the compulsive shopper and the workaholic. The wound may not be as deep and the ache not as excruciating, and it may even be entirely hidden—but it’s there. As we’ll see, the effects of early stress or adverse experiences directly shape both the psychology and the neurobiology of addiction in the brain.” ~ Gabor Mate, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction