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Souls parallax eachother’s divinity

Through dappled gaps

Nothing I say to you can elucidate divine love entity

Yet love is the talk of the cosmos

I had drunk the infinite in a cup of intoxicating beverages

Time is my drama or pedegant dream

Channels of rapture of opal and hyaline

For the influx of the unknown supreme symphony

Not a carcass of flesh, a vessel for the divine river flowing through me

Dodging the senses narrow mesh

My soul unhorizoned

God’s tool to serve humanity

A deathless light pervades all beings

For we are one and beyond the concept of one a orchestra of keys and notes blending.

~DiosRaw, 10/05/21


Forms fractlized

Vehicles crystallised

Spirit metamorphorzed

Soul individualised

Humanity in drag civilised

Flashing lights, city nights, hypnotised

Reality mystified

Comprehension minimised

Patterns synchronized

Markers on the way signified

Civilization tyranized

Everyday life improvised

Pretend sympathised

Suffering legitimised

Truth seekers stigmatised

Thoughts and beliefs systematically refined

Samadhi epitomised

Feelings mechanised

A human family traumatised

Perspective minimized

Warping in and out of consciousness behind these walls, confined

~DiosRaw, 09/05/21


What is eye seen may not be the Truth

What is cannot be uttered

Trust in this empty yet pregnant comes not with seeing

Nor understanding vacant words born out of longing

The wise comprehend true knowledge

To the ignorant only but a wondering

The ego an empty husk of a shell

Some worship the consciousness

Some worship his personified forms

Yet beyond these attitubutes

Only the knower knows

Awareness will overcome illusion

Between eternity and immortality I lay.

~DiosRaw, 07/05/21


I show myself in parts, shattered mirror pieces

Seeking wholeness, to only find holes, blackholes

My edges are outlined in tripwire

There is no map to this terrain, only my self manifested reality

I’m somewhere, yet not here

I perpetually glue myself together, in doses of hopes in finding lost shards

To bridge the chasm grown betwixt

All that was and will be

Galaxies between myself and the world

Universes between myself and I

A character in someone else’s dream

A thought in a melancholy mind

Growing someone else’s hair?

Fully embodied within this space vehicle?

Dissociated splintered soul.

~DiosRaw, 06/05/21


Chrysalis of potential

The things pain made her do

Were far greater than she could have imagined

Than she postulated she was capable of

The sun appeared, rolled away

Flowers beheaded themselves

You look good, you look healthy they say

Maybe if you could feel the bruises I feel

If the burned skin blistered off and fell

And burned your skin too

If I swam in a green, purple and blue skin blood bath

If the tremors were more violent

If the muscles screamed louder

If you could hear the creaking of my joints

And the pounding in my head

If the shooting pains were sparks of light

And the aching were red in glows

If you could see the fog swirling above my mind

And hear the cells of my hippocampus dieing

Starving for serotonin and dopamine

Confession of symptoms mistaken for complaints

Forgetting, lost in a maze

Can’t promise to go, but can’t say I will stay in a daze

If you took my hand

And felt how heavy the weight of existence felt

If the sadness made me waste away

If the fatigue swallowed me up

And I never woke up

Maybe then you’d believe me wouldn’t you?

~DiosRaw, 05/05/21


My mind, the only luminosity in the darkened space

Every night the longest day

In a world inverted, where left is right

Eyes growing heavy, frustration building

Zombie trance states follow me through the day

Cycle in disruption

Burning eyes, blanked and blurred, soul destruction

How many voices have escaped you till now

The creaking of the floor, the clanking of mechanical engineering, the whispers of the night

The twisting of the sheets, bare breast in your hand, holding me tight

I am still learning how to go back and re-read chapters

Without feeling like I want to set those pages on fire

Sleep deprivation groggy and dire

Those hypnagogic states, secretly peaceful in silent gates

Not alive, not dead, I am awake in the desert of an eye.

~DiosRaw, 04/05/21


I don’t pay too much attention to the world ending

It has ended for me many times

And began again with dawn

I’ve been slowly trying to kill myself

But God won’t let me die

And I’ve given it a good try

Until the embers burnt up into the ashes of a new dusk

Death is a servant to God, who leads us to a renewed existence from the zero-point singularity here.

~DiosRaw, 03/04/21


Seeking after this externality of God

The more you search without of your vehicle

Ever so restless your soul will be

Trust and drift downstream with the synergistic becoming

Cease looking, for the Infinitely present

Within this moment is where all formless arises and dissipates

Diving deep through universal intelligence that rotates the world

And pumps the seat of the soul

Snapping back into the time of this dimension

As a new dimension of who we are

When God is in the midst

Defeat does not exsist.

~DiosRaw, 02/05/21