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Oscillations of infinite multitudes of manifestations

Holographic God creating hallucinations

Grasping the infinite escaping in citations

Concepts and connotations

Intelligence life

Shaking foundations

Human temptations and sensations

Sneaky organisations forming operations

Channelling boundless knowledge into conversations

Cosmic duality fluctuations

Karmic trauma decended through generations

Exploding duplicating interpretations

Obliterating confining third dimensional limitations.

~DiosRaw 09/04/21


Drifting through the writhing lost souls

Running after the escaping grasping of transient goals

Where are the spears of the day gone?

Scrambling after the hunter’s song

Trembling, where do we firmly belong?

We are the drifters, the dancers, the sun worshipers and risk takers

The dreamers, the lovers, the believers and the change makers

Curiosity stung the cat

Like the explosion of a star just like that

Your reverberations will travel with me far

Past when all the lights go out

Left in the numbness of the draught

Hopeless and desperate

Life’s tragedies, transient wandering from place to place

Imprinting on the desolate

Forgetting who I am, yet within heaven’s gate

The keys are in your hand to unlock your destiny’s fate.

~DiosRaw 08/04/21


Life is spinning surround sound

Around and around

My heart pounds and pounds

A caged beast jumping out of my chest

Please allow me some rest

Depersonalisation, Derealisation

I am fucking done

I’m not having fun

I don’t know if I can sleep

Weeping and weep

Another tonight

They all say it’s going to be alright

It’s one hell of a fight

To keep tight

And muster this might

But I do not remember the light

It seems so long ago

That I felt any sense of peace or ease

Please God please

Let me into your kingdom again

I can’t handle this pain,

Why do I feel so insane?

Yet also sane

My body is crumbling

My spirit tumbling

Body pain never leaves me alone

I wish I had a different tone

It screams at me

What am I to do? Scream back at it?

Surely I’d wake up in an institution

Don’t know if I’m coming or going

Thoughts lost in translation, I keep doing meditation

My head is wildly scatty

How could you understand

This mess of a walking band

A symphony with scattered frequencies

Out of vibrational harmony

Suicidal thoughts swim through my head

I’d love to be dead.

~DiosRaw, 07/04/21


You are divinity
You are crystalinity
Cruising through infinity
Believe in sanguinity
We and the oceans have salinity
Microcosm of the mascrocosm
You are in the vicinity
A part and the whole of the holy trinity
Embrace your masculinity
Embrace your femininity
Leave behind the supinity
Transcend duality
Into wholeness
Into God
Into Allah
Into Brahma
Into Source
Into Consciousness
Into One
Into All
All paths lead home..

~DiosRaw, 07/04/21


We are the microcosm to the macrocosm
We are microscopic
A blip in cosmic time
Do you hear the sound of the chimes?
We are the universe expressing itself through our eyes
What you give out you get
Don’t forget
The Universal laws
Guiding your very exsistence
The Law of Divine Oneness
We are all made of the same energetic quantum fabric, we are one
The Law of Vibration
Everything is made up of energies that vibrates at frequencies
The Law of Action
Faith and action will get you where you need to go on your path
The Law of Correspondence
As above, so below, everything that is above is also reflected below
The Law of Cause & Effect
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction
The Law of Compensation
Also known as karma, what you put out into the universe you will receive
The Law of Attraction
We must align our thoughts with what we wish in order to attract what we desire
The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy
Changing our energy to benefit those around us
The Law of Relativity
Putting things you are going through into perspective
The Law of Polarity
There is a polar opposite of everything
The Law of Rhythm
There is a perfect and natural rhythm in everything
The Law of Gender
Both masculine and feminine energies are in everything and everyone
Remember these
And you will flow in the breeze
Of this cosmos, this soul experience, these transient moments we have on mother Gaia
We are blessed
Now we can rest.

~DiosRaw 07/04/21

Short Stories {6} ~ A Prostitute Walks Alone At Night, Authentic Love In Bavaria

Young prostitute Maria walked along her usual path in the dark waiting for truckers who stopped overnight by the highway in the underpasses of Bavaria. Sex was all she knew how to do well, the kind of mind numbing sex, empty and void of true love. Stumbling, slightly delirious from all the drugs she had taken that night in a techno club where she worked night after night racking in the cash she desperately needed to keep afloat, to pay her rent, to feed her drug habit; Maria spotted a trucker in the distance.

The trucker’s lights turned off, pitch darkness surrounded Maria, her shiny belt holding up her short skirt glistened, reflecting the one street lamp a long way down the desolate highway.

“Hey baby, wanna have some fun, I’m Maria hunny?” Maria giggled leaning over the tracker’s door. “I will make your night’s stay here worth it.” Maria bit her lip seductively, she had done this routine before as the light’s inside the vehicle lit up.

Little did Maria know, this trucker was not the usual type she fornicated with each night in the early hours, she was too intoxicated to see clearly. “Prostitution and drugs, numbing the pain, huh?” Said a wise husky male voice. Maria stumbled on the sidewalk curb and fell backwards hiting her head, knocking herself unconscious, unaware of all happenings around her.

“Hello Maria, I’m Phillipe,” soothed a wise elder man working in a community in the forests of East Bavaria. “Maria, you’ve been unconscious for three weeks, you fell on the highway curb and hit your head. Here, we have been doing healing on you, we have shamans here, healers. I know you have heard of us.

Maria gasped, not only at her embarrassment of her situation, but she remembered this man who she tried to entice. She could not speak, she was utterly confused.

“Maria, shamans here have cleaned up your aura and your addictions, they have worked closely with their spirit allies to cleanse your soul,” explained Phillipe. “You are clean Maria, not only of the drugs you were using, not only of the sex addiction due to your severe trauma and abuse when young, you are also in a safe environment now. Here, where we are, is a community of good people living in the wild living a natural and pure life. True love is not looking for God within men or drugs, it is when you have found yourself, when you are whole and two souls come together.”

Maria understood all Phillipe was conversing to her, she had spiritual awareness from a young age, not only did she see ghosts but she could also forecast the future, claircognizance. “I understand, yet I cannot quite digest all this, it is too much. I don’t have anyone, I have no possessions or life and here I have come to a place I have seen in my dreams all my life. Am I dreaming?” Maria pinched herself and felt the burn within her skin. “Thank you.. Just thank you.. I.. I.. Wow, I have never felt so good.”

“What is true love?” asked Phillipe to Maria bluntly. “I have not experienced this,” retorted Maria.

“Love, true love, is when two are whole. Spiritual love is a love rooted in a spiritual connection that helps us find meaning and purpose in our lives. These spiritual loves can serve different purposes: some are meant to walk with us through life, while others are meant to teach us lessons. True love is ultimately single hearted devotion to God and having unflinching trust in this cosmic intelligence. The trust must be so strong that no one and no circumstances (no matter how much debilitating or lucrative) can sway you away from this. To love a person unconditionally is key here, often said yet a different pill to swallow,” Phillipe said clearly taking a moments breathe.

Maria could not resist her impulses, she looked deep into Phillipe’s eyes, intuitively she recognised his doors to the soul from a past life.

Maria spent months working with shamans to learn how to use her natural abilities to heal and went on to become a medicine woman who attended to people coming from far and wide to bathe in her newfound light and auric glow.

Tantric love making in the camp occurred night and day between Maria and Phillpe in the months ahead of them, falling in love with each other’s soul. They both had not ever felt such a magnetic pull between them. Although Phillipe was much older and wiser, he could not resist Maria. Soul age not human age formed their relationship. Maria learnt what true love was and Phillipe enjoyed Maria’s sexual talents in their hut by the lake, love making was never boring to them both. Maria and Phillipe could express their true sexual nature’s with eachother. Maria bore two children and forever was entranced by Phillipe’s kindness and life saving gift, now free of her past karmic lessons through her purgatory initiation.

Real love is a soul connection, two people who love themselves, joining and merging to become one with the divine.

~DiosRaw 05/04/21


Civilizations proliferate then fall

Is the doom coming for us all?

Humans itch to run before they can crawl

We delude ourselves into thinking we have choices and we are free

They are coming for thee

Chopping at the root of a decaying tree

As always happens when studying ancient history

The winner tells his story, much remains a mystery

Withstanding a few hundred years

Deterioration creeping in as fallen tears

Out of barabrianism, a renaissance

One by one the petals of the rose

Shrivel and fade, all it’s plendour goes

Wearing a different face to match each atrocity

Inventing addictions within inner cities

Their petals on the world to waste

When will we learn to grow not in haste?

~DiosRaw 06/04/21


Your soul has a perfume

Recognising soul family through the essence of their scent

Infused from God, heaven sent

The light of compassion opens the petals of the heart

When the petals unfold fragrance spreads across the valley.

Can you smell it, down dreams alley?

Smelling is a potent arrow form of travel

It tears through layers and finds the centre to unravel

When we are crushed, our forgiveness escapes in this sweetest universal scent

Exhaling the intoxication of your fumes

Perfumed in narcotic warmth of mornings flame dyed sky

Wafting the nectar of your love

Drifting in helm wafting along the wings of a dove

As below, so above.

~DiosRaw 05/04/21