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Psychic servant, spiritual guide

The guardian angel hidden in etheric luminosity by our sides

Giving gifts without a thought

In whispers, dreams and symbols your aid is caught

Guiding us through humble trials

Angels circulate for many miles

Always waiting whilst life begins

Surrounded by your presence from earth to birth

Beside us until the end of this soul film

When I saw you, I saw an angel in disguise, an embodiment of love

Maybe if we got rid of our demons, we would get rid of our angels

Un-winged and naked, the sorrow of demons surrenders its crown up to a throne of grace

In this existence, some of the most beautiful things come wrapped in a crown of thorns

He who has rejected his demons drains us to death with his angels

Yet, interceding, in times of need

Watching over you, your Self is there

For we are all angels temporarily hiding as humans in their sphere lair.

~DiosRaw, 31/05/21


Society caged him

Trapped and enraged and enslaved him

Just for him to get paid

On a rampage to kill and slay

So they could tax all his money

Bills streaming out of his ears

Bleeding in papers by his letterbox in tears

To fulfil a family lineage of greed

He asked and begged and plead

He was in dire need

Which he found morbidly, absurdly funny

Now he has no honey

All forms of modern slavery

In a so called modern society

We are parasites to the elites

You kill those who expose your lies

You entrapped society and watch them weep

This tyrant of belief gives us a false sense of security

To feed off of misery, how can your conscience sleep?

Your ritual killings will come to an end

The divine laws will cut the strings of the puppet master to make amends

Emancipate the shackled soul who has forgotten how to thrive

In a flurry, that is what they want, for him just to survive.

~DiosRaw, 30/05/21


The cool face of the water asked me for a kiss

There’s nothing contemporary in dying now

Though living is no renewed

Fantasing crawling out of the hole I looped

Racqueting thoughts spiralling

Once a young soul was discovered on her cold bedroom floor

With nothing but a vacant bottle of pills

No pulse reverberating her animation

Blue lips and purple veins

Soon I will be cold once more

The rope hangs your family and friends too, not just who

Some days she felt everything at once then nothing at all

Suffocating beneath the waves or dying from thirst

An ironic tale

The pills she was instructed to consume

By the nice facade of a doctor in white

Were all swallowed down at once

And took away her life

And her brother whispered amongst the plethora of flowers by her grave

“Mummy, why do the best people die?”

“When you’re in a garden, which flowers do you pick?” she whispered in echo.

“The most beautiful ones mummy.” cried her self-aware younger brother.

~DiosRaw, 29/05/21


No longer rely

On the flash falsety continuity of thought

That veils awareness from knowing itself

That distracts reality from experiencing itself

And plays hide and seek behind the illusion facade

Re-membering who we are in self-realization

You are the subtlest of the subtle

You are not any experience

You are not any circumstance

You are not any predicament

You are not any speculation

You are not any sensation

None of these encapsulates your true existence

You are the presence that perceives all things

And yet you are none of them

The knower of the known

Paradoxically the one who sees and the one who does not see

The observer of worlds and the meta-reality of multiverses.

~DiosRaw, 28/05/21


No one can feel what you are

Inside of that paralysed smile

Foraging for answers already in plain sight

Each stride elludes you deeper

To view the cracks that cannot be filled

Hibernating mythological metastory of the unfolding story

Confusion and chaos cloud the mind

Maybe if I describe the cycle of the butterfly

You will know why endeavours from your past

Have to die before you can fly

Hovering over myself as a foreign body

A ghost thrown to the wind as a kite

Staring into the movie theatre of the soul

Multiple personalities, one here and another in my dreams

Absent is the sure mind

Bending to the energetic pull

Now them in a different body

Altered personality, survival

At odds with each other, split and divided

Whipped up in a stew of colliding cosmic forces

Aren’t we all actors playing characters in a split personality dream?

Reflecting the chandelier of character faces within the hypermind of God.

~DiosRaw, 27/05/21


Does infinity prove the existence of divinity?

Before you believe the things you believe

You must understand to be understood

Beyond the boundlessness of your imagination

And the farthest wanderings of every soul in a trance dream

There is a place without a name, without form

A place where time cannot touch

And where journeys never end

You are it, you are living inside it

A place where my love passes through to you

Infinity magnetised spiralling

Take love, multiply by infinity

And take it to the depths of unfathomable forever

And yet you only have a glimpse of the unconditional love

The formless intelligence consciousness has for you.

~DiosRaw, 25/05/21


What if I told you, your whole life had been a lie?

Lies of the guilty, eyes of the innocent, float around like loose atoms ready to collide, to explode in my mind

This matrix fantasy illusion

Constructed and orchestrated to profit the rich and elites

Who conditioned us to think that this is all there is, a fabricated structure

Are we all liars?

When the truth of today becomes a lie tomorrow?

The lie that the seven deadly sins will make us happy

We blind ourselves by that which is supposedly real

Binding ourselves to what we call reality

Blaming other selves for what is

All the while denying the truth which is ourselves

That stitches the life we live

Yet confined in a system of claustrophobic rules and regulations

An upside down world where nothing makes sense to the eyes that see

Slipping into a technological totalitarian society blinded by lights of a new tomorrow

What if the insane saw themselves as sane and the sane saw themselves as sane?

A world we cannot touch

And although it took time

We ended up as water droplets in the graveyards of eternity.

~DiosRaw, 25/05/21


Tears are words the heart translates into abstract emancipations for what it cannot express

Inside gaze

Watery world

Doors to the soul closed

Sacred tears expose

Every shedding has a story

Weaving their own silvery thread

Tales in each vessel

Drawn from the infinite well

Streams become rivers, rivers through valleys and hills

Flooding and flowing back to it’s source

Tis a watery cosmic place

Ebbs and flows of drowning and emergence

Relief and breathlessness melding to clutch onto sanity

The pull of insanity

Suppression of release

Dunking into the waters of bleak ground.

~DiosRaw, 24/05/21


Birthed from the void womb of darkness

Existing upon sacred foundations

At the altar of her embrace

Embodied by an eternal forever love

Birthed from her everlasting earth

Nourished by her healing roots

A maternal heart of ethereal beauty

Bears life as a diety of her fruits

A year of revelations through new earth

The lower energies cannot survive and proliferate

Reclaiming our sovereignty

We are creative beings bore from divinity.

The cosmos is alive and contains the knowledge you seek

It is your consciousness that determines if it will be revealed

She’ll expose her secrets

Planetary omnipresence resonates within, a vibrance slowly increasing in gradient

Tears of a fragmenting era stain the divine order of gaia

A wavelength underestimated slowly changes frequency upon desolation, a universal heartbeat heard by those who hear.

~DiosRaw, 23/05/21


Divine operation, my mind a revolving centre

Expansion and fuller expression

Snowflakes of celestial energy

Soft thunderous bursts of consciousness

United recognition of divinity within oneself

Initiates planetary evolution

The sanctum within you of boundless, limitless, unconditioned

Capacity to create infinite

Entranced by the frames

Absorbed within the reality of many

Freezing images that are fluid

Arresting the infinite within the finite

Circling the square, squaring the circle

Attached to the illusion of constant

Paralysed by the scorpions sting.

~DiosRaw, 22/05/21