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Seeking after this externality of God

The more you search without of your vehicle

Ever so restless your soul will be

Trust and drift downstream with the synergistic becoming

Cease looking, for the Infinitely present

Within this moment is where all formless arises and dissipates

Diving deep through universal intelligence that rotates the world

And pumps the seat of the soul

Snapping back into the time of this dimension

As a new dimension of who we are

When God is in the midst

Defeat does not exsist.

~DiosRaw, 02/05/21


How long can we ride on the back of corruption in this world?

Is this the apocalypse only the few can see?

Our true history, blindfolded over our eyes

A brainwashing swollen of lies

Smokes and mirrors under the guise

Is spiritual warfare our demise?

Spirit connected, never to die

Their game is about winning

From the end to the beginning

Don’t let them fool you with bread and circuses

They are out for themselves

When you choose to inspect

Their business movements, they don’t correlate as correct

Pillaging and stealing

The great revealing

Fear is the currency

If you give them a smell

The anomalies they sell

Working like a termite

Consuming vampicically day and night

Is darkness more appreciated than light?

Stick to the Truth, not falsified news

Your dream is yours to choose.

~DiosRaw, 01/05/21


Conjoined in the infinititude of cyclical rotations

Embedded within every molecule, quark and energetic spark

An absolute of indivisible

We are the hearts of stars, interstellar coalesced into vastness

Part of something far beyond our imagination

We are ants with cellphones, beyond third dimensional comprehension

I became a peculiarity, my own totality, freed from the cacophony

Together with you, I am you and you are me, you see?

I yearn to be the singularity

I strive to be free again, free from polarity.

~DiosRaw, 29/04/21


Scurrying to every crevice to find the antidote

Translating the medical note

My soul left for me to unravel

They say possibilities are endless

Yet health does not come automatically

Good habits must be in tow systematically

Root out the cause

Gaze deep into the waters of your mind and press pause

Blaming for your problem will not work

You created it ultimately, unconsciousnessly, subconsciously or consciously

Your soul plan

Intent, one of the threads of this existence

Awaken to your persistence

My auric field, after a psychic bashing, feels defenseless

Under psychic attack

What is real and what is wack?

Remember your life is not foregone

Having tried, yet not able to reach past your papered walls of cement

Secrets unfolding like origami

Shamanic dismemberment

Ancient oracle, seer of truth

Bowl of sage, palo Santo and smoke

Exhausting options to choke

It saw me

Before I could see it

Engraving my hope

On this little boat of language water I wrote.

~DiosRaw, 28/04/21


How can we understand ourselves, if we don’t?

How can others understand us, if they don’t understand themselves?

We decieve ourselves in a divided mentality

What we believe so happens to be

Is not the objective reality

Our senses bend to perceive

Compartmentalised morality

The voices I hear, what do they want from me?

The floor rises and falls, it breathes

The walls crawl as they churn

Bugs crawl under my skin, pins and needle sensations burn

Judgment in tow complications

Splitting heads, cracked shell

Each one differentiating, cracks scattered into protective personalities

Sweeping up debris of the sensory world

Who am I?


Is fiction, reality?

Maybe poem’s are a kind of schizophrenia

Maybe these poems do not express thoughts and feelings

But a transfer of energy between poet and reader

These pills dulling the colours

Melting into a spectrum of greys


The price to pay

Just to be okay.

~DiosRaw, 27/04/21


Have you ever contemplated the absurdity of our human exsistence?

That we are talking monkeys in assistance

Hurling through space on a rock

You came through a vaginal dimension portal, opening the lock

Do any of us know where we came from?

To succumb

To the poet’s embrace of the emptiness of life

And impregnate it with meaning through strife

At the very depths of life, which seduces us all

There is only absurdity and a plethora of more absurdity

The only thing that can beat absurdity is lucidity

Lucidly aware within the dream of the multifaceted diamond of the formless creator.

~DiosRaw, 26/04/21


Scrambling to the delusional deadline

Forgetting to underline

What truly counts

Every perception, not matter how accurate, will always be limited

Bounded to the tunnel vision view of the soul

What’s running after you?

Your own notions and ego self?

Caught between time’s stress

And a fine line

And the facts of life

We rain dreams

And on tree’s are growing more and more miracles

We find a way that is higher than overselves

To be of service to this world.

~DiosRaw, 25/04/21


Magnetised through every interaction

Every ripple spread

Each elucidation of our words said

Weaving through the convoluted steps we tread

In every face we meet

Echoing through the voices, bouncing off the street

In the school of mortality

Cradled by forevermore immortality

The Great Spirit is there

Invisibly and formlessly everywhere

In search of our true resting place

Seeking with questions and answers

To be found in experience dancers

The day you were born

You embarked on the greatest journey in this cosmical universe, yet some forlorn

Journeying back to source

After all,

We are walking eachother home.

~DiosRaw, 24/04/21


A soul nested in a life time undergoes

Multiple deaths and rebirths in non-linear rows

Awakening into new awareness floors

Only to be stripped bare once more

Dieing and re-emerging into the world anew

To realize we know nothing, yet think we do

A blip in cosmic time

Consciousness has awoken into the void of formless absolute sublime

The only way to cheat death

Is to die to your unconscious identification

With the ego first

The death of the ego

Is the possibility of life

Allowing the dead crust having formulated around you to unravel

Life cannot be against you, for you are life itself

Life can only seem to go against the ego projections you have promulgated

While the sage battles his own ego

The fool battles everyone else’s

The dream of the universe unfolds.

~DiosRaw, 23/04/21