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Waking into a dream

Sleeping into a dream

Living within the dream

Awareness of being the dream

Dreaming whilst dreaming

A dream within a dream within a dream

Dreamers dreaming the dreaming dream

And one day we wake up and drift down stream

The dreamers aware of the living dream

Infinite patterns and shapes

Dimensions and awarenessses

Spiralling into cosmic expansion

Dreaming something by being a dreaming nothing

You cannot write my poems

Just as I cannot dream your dreams

Dissipating away in a whisper.

~DiosRaw, 22/04/21


The world is on road to a totalitarian tiptoe

Who is your friend or foe?

How can we really know?

Isn’t that so?

I mean, aren’t we already past the precise of the edge of the broken cup

Be a good boy or girl, shut up the fuck up

Say nothing

Censor your something

Sit down

If you don’t do as we say, you’ll drown

When we show you the government’s flag, fake that smile from a frown

Leaders high on their delusional power

Turning the world’s beauty into sour

They confiscated my land and property

Under the guise of building a new world

When many of us found ourselves under the table curled

Snitching on him

Our neighbout tim

Masks on, drink your fluoride water, inject yourself, become a bot, repeat after us, breathe in the fumes, papers nice and steady

Now you are ready

They took all of what was left

Cameras watching, spying criminals behind cameras of theft

Isn’t that what we wanted?

Sitting by whilst our freedoms were haulted

Then they came for me

And there was no one left to speak out for thee.

~DiosRaw 21/04/21

Poetry {37} ~ MAYA, NEVER ALONE

Maya, illusory world

Seed these words into your heart

I think I am alone here

I think I am alone

We are never alone

God is art and everywhere

Disguises in differing shapes and forms

I see you in each face

I am with you always until the end of the world

I ask God questions and the voice smiles

For I know my own voice answers back to me

Mutitiudes of chants blending into one

If you wish to know the divine

Feel the warmth of the sun rays and the wind invisibly felt.

~DiosRaw, 20/04/21


Nowadays I tremble into my reflection

Walking into the mirror and see

What drugs and potions have made me

My vision is getting dizzer by the day

And yet I need to swallow death pills to live in decay

The devil steals your soul

Life turning to ashes swallowing these pills whole

False promises, I see your game

Numbing us and turning lame

Big pharma is after me

Chains around my ankles, struggling to be set free

Who am I anymore?

This has gone too far

Damaging my heart, lungs, body and every part of my being

I see stars when I close my eyes

None of this came as a surprise

I can feel the terror coming closer

I can taste the blood of the shadow getting darker

Health system compassion is past it’s sell by date

The devil is satiate

Trapped inside my own mind

I’ve loosing my grip on reality

I chose my destruction

I chose my poison

Or did I being so young?

Told to take these, this was all you got for aid in your pain

A world insane

To the next generation of beings

Locked in by the powerlessness of pill life

They thought would set them free

No, you’ll be dragged down, believe me.

~DiosRaw, 19/04/21


Silent screams muffled by the world’s next dopamine hit

Etched in these veins

A whole lifetime of concealed pains

The crushing weight that creates

I seek through words myself into formulates


Better the sculptor than sculpture?

Spiritual blip of a life, yet to survive, what we endure

Remember the times, wrapped were pure?

Sometimes there is nothing more a person wants

Than for you to lay your head on their chest

Listening to the tears from the strangled heart

Maybe then you’d hear everything they never said.

~DiosRaw, 18/04/21

Poetry {34} ~ NETTED TO YOU

Swirling, glued in my thoughts

Yes, the one I sought

Netting in the webs of my mind caught

Feeling drunk in presence, yet sober

Our hearts telepathically decoder

Our meshed existence

Travelling through third dimensional time

You’re pure divine

I believe in magic

Comedic and tragic

Hearts in eachother’s hands

Close to home lands

You appeared from thin air

Addicted to you, yes I swear.

~DiosRaw, 17/04/21


Ever unfolding chaotic madness

Lack of intrinsic understanding in the clouded vision of sadness

Criminals are a product of our world yet some maybe born

With neurological differences

By putting the criminal to death

One shares the same crime


Own doesn’t see the criminal within himself.

~DiosRaw, 16/04/21


Blurred lines of

meaning and understanding,

evaporating into confusion


preconceived ideas



Someone’s good,

is someone else’s bad.

Two souls talking,


twice different conversations.

Translating the words,

tracing the sentences,

yet muddled definitions

of the same word.

Do we ever really conversate?

Or is feeling intuitively, telepathy or eye contact the concrete way of decifering between the lines?

Tearing down the claustrophobic confines.

~DiosRaw 15/04/21


We have lost the touch with who we truly are

Insecurities running the show

Flashing lights, temptations lighting up in false glow

Through a world that profits from pain and addiction

Self-loathing, hate and contradiction

Sneaky deals, snakes and manipulation

Upholding the ego consolidation

The world gifts us so much pain

Yet here we are not yet insane

Making gold out of breaking chains

This is the pure reminants of the human resilience of spirit

For one day we shall return to dust

Remembering who we truly are before we loose the scared trust.

~DiosRaw 13/04/21


How long can a lonely soul live in isolation?

Before the soul cracks in desolation

Chained in a cycle of decimation

Writing everyday is the dedication

Offering some conceptualised form of consolation

Spinning mind deluded in rotation

Endless days of holding up the tumbling portration

Hooked on a dead end of pharmaceutical “medication”

Anxiety riddled falling down, palpitations

Eyes pinpointed on painful pulsations

Cycles of tormenting rumination

Quicksand, ever drowning stagnation

Soul parts, fragmentation

Suicidal oscillations

Out in the world, observation

Smile, preservation

Maintaining the biting presentation

Sucking into the abyss, suffocation


Knife jabbing pains, overwhelming intoxication

Fantasising of the chance for rehabilitation

Begging to be put down in sedation

Lost in the formless meditation

In and out consciousness, never cessation

Riding through the cosmos, pineal gland transportation

Fighting the war of ideation

Passing by the flowers, dreaming of their image of reincarnation

One day emancipation.

~DiosRaw, 12/10/21