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Poetry By Cherry & Amber {1} ~ Needle Of Love

Love threads the needle
through the fabric of the web of life.
It weaves a pattern of bringing
the two of us together and then apart.
A pattern difficult to comprehend
by the sharpest and sanest of minds.
Simple and sophisticated it may be,
to the decoders of the language of love
who see.
As we go far we curse destiny,
forgetting we chose our paths
before we were born;
The pre-birth crafted plan,
timelines shifting and splitting,
re-knitting the material of reality.
May the needle of love
weave us together,
your hand in mine.
Merging together, a goldmine
Magnetic pulls of the matrix grid, crystaline,
We feel blessed by the divine.

~By Cherry {Shewrites170} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Poetry By Jeff & Amber {2} ~ Presence Is present As A Present

I sit and stare out the window,
as light, refracting,
dances and glints at me,
reminiscent of memories of another
filling my face with light that
glows brightly from within as
the presence
sits upright and holds tight.
Within the temple of my senses,
the mystery I contemplate
awakens me
to the quiet immensity
of the antenna of my satellite.
I watch, listen, and learn, from
the presence fills me with such
delight, and
the awakening keeps my mind clear
The outer world’s reflection
is alive with sprites,
beings in this garden
of Gaia’s night.
the sense of alight
you feel,
as you watch,
the silent observer within,
for the next part of this
we may call life’s present to
Dreaming imagination,
yet steady observance
within this soul vehicle,
drifting in and out
of shades of consciousness
whilst grounding to the foundations
of the earth’s core vibration.
Within and without, such
a dance of wonder and joy
to conjure and explore. Stay and move
with the vibration that’s there, for it’s the gift
of this life’s stability and core.
Presence is present as a present,
multitudes of every giving galore.

~By Jeff {JeffFlesch} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Poetry By Filipa & Amber {1} ~ Expanding The Horizons Of The Mind Through Travelling

Travelling through a picture, a book, music or a poem
Your friends experiences igniting the fire in your dreams, sending an omen
Travelling and expanding the horizons of the infinite multitudes of mind worldly manifestations
Travelling with your eyes wide open or perfectly closed
Travelling around the world
Or without leaving your place
The imagination has it’s own space
Bridged, connected
No dead-ends or frontiers
Travelling with no luggage at all
Or prepared for an adventure, survival gear, tools
Having the starry sky as a roof
And the soft grass as a bed
Finding ways around financial balances instead
Travelling alone or in good company
By car, by train, by plane, on foot
Or even in a colourful balloon
Travelling from Kenya to Alaska
Crossing mountains, deep seas and valleys
Jungles, forests and desert galleys
Travelling through your sleep
Breath out, breath in
Take the experiences and warp your life from within
Travelling forces you to step out of your comfort zone
Experiencing the real world, leaving behind this world’s addiction to phones
False evidence appearing real, fear
Let it come near
Travelling challenges your comprehension of this world
And once you return you’re no longer the same
Friends to call home and remembering names
Travelling broadens your brain, nourishes your spirit, cherishes your physical
And challenges your conception of this world
Leaving nostalgic photos, the world left in the crevices of your god given body.

~By Filipa {DeMalinhaPronta} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Poetry By Linda & Amber {1} ~ Aperture The Flower of Life: Pollinate Each Moment

Tranquility soothes the jagged edges of monotonous tension drawing into the immortal
The vibration of universal harmony reverberates in the contentment of the present moment
Apeturing the petals of the timeless cosmos through an awareness portal
Pollinating each flowered moment with the promise of divine fulfillment
Within the heart of a deeply rhythmic and pulsating synchronistic beat
Life’s music spirals outwards to shine the truth of one on all things
A soothing balm, warming the soul spectator betwixt serendipitous heat
Surrender to the miracles that bloom on life’s wondrous wings
Boundless blessings await you for the eyes who see, gems lie buried in every perceived curse
Beyond the layers of illusion, brighten your gaze with the golden rays of the universe’s reflection
Bathe, soak and blend through formless duality of chaos and order, listen attentively to the godly converse
Surrender to the quintessential patterns of creation that form the oneness of divine perfection

~By Linda {SpiritualFantasia} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Poetry By Jeff & Amber {1} ~ The Dance Dances A Life of Its Own

Disguised within
the might of words lies silence
that speaks
inwardly, with
a spark reserved for the rendering
of our collective hearts.
the surface,
words we ink, spill our surrender into authentic seeing
the spaces in momentum being, created inside that expanse at your center.
Be clear, my dear,
the way of opening is already
just take a look at those concepts
you hold close,
into non-dual consciousness,
and meaningless abstractions superimpose.
One on top of the other,
in a dance of mutuality and
complete singularity, so
breathe in deep, be silent,
and let those words go.
Do not mock a pain you have not endured,
you walk in shoes of yours
to express into words
the meaning of experience you chose,
once adopted these concepts we call words,
live a life of their own, dancing from within to the
page in a steady stream of consciousness
via the law of attraction, instead of simple reaction.
Reflected in the multifaceted mirror,
scattered fractals of the all,
squeezing the essence of awareness into our scripts,
fear not your own beauty in your creations,
for the dancer creates the dance to be danced.

~By Jeff {JeffFlesch} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Poetry By Kritika & Amber {1} ~ The Answer

They say ‘Love’ is the answer to all questions
enthralling essence reverberating in each living cell
blending an infinite palette of shades and hues that permeate through ancient wisdom and cosmic mystery coursing through bodily veins
acknowledging the engagement of the superior and inferior alike
bypassing the distinctions and entering non-dual awareness
proceleusmatic nature throbbing to be known by the unknown beings
bioluminescence glazing the sea, life so magical and mystical, what can this be?

The lucid word, ‘LOVE’

~By Kritika {ValorousBird} & Amber {DiosRaw}

~Originally posted on the 8th of March 2021.~

~If you’d like to collaborate, feel free to find my email on this blog’s connect page.~