Poetry By Jeff & Amber {3} ~ Remembering The Mirrored Child Within

Free and Clear

Godly pure clay they came,

shaped then crafted

by environmental ruptures,

connected to Spirit,

adjacent to our home world,

this molded fabric weaves,

through the veil of amnesia.


in a brocade of vibrant colors

and images

of another place and paradigm,

as we left that ruptured

and connection for a time.

Mirroring parental behaviour,

in the earthly realm,

observative as they are,

education brings the moment
we see

children as innately wise
and capable beings;

only then can we play along
in their world.

Fitting into God’s plan,

to be of service to the divine.

Our invitation?

Shine a light

on all that you find within,

which came prior

to the social necessities
laid bare

before you. Reconnection
with Truth

is one of the greatest gifts

we can deliver to ourselves,

all the rest of the fauna

and flora we find


Breaking the chains of illusion

necessitate the

familiarisation with the

residing within the chambers

of the heart.

Seeded offspring from the

universal intelligence,

when you utter, leave an

on the young,

allowing them to embody

and fully love

who they have become.

To see the magical in the

and be the teachers of the
old by

remembering what you already

which lives within, and is
free and clear.

~By Jeff {JeffFlesch} & Amber {DiosRaw}

~If you’d like to collaborate, feel free to find my email on this blog’s connect page.~

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