~Superconscious Chanting~

Superconscious chanting is a form of chanting of which it is said that the vibrations of the chanting, especially of the cosmic vibration “Aum” or “Om,” are converted internally into realization, and as such they are established in the superconscious, subconscious and conscious minds. This is considered by many to be a very deep and accomplished experience, and one which may take many years of practice.

Superconscious chanting allows for the spiritual experience of the deeper truths. Once a chant has brought about a response from the superconscious, some describe it as having been spiritualized.

9 thoughts on “~Superconscious Chanting~”

  1. Om is a demon ‘deity.’ Be careful to whom you chant. Meditation is best understood from David’s and Solomon’s perspective:
    “Your testimonies are my meditation.”
    “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

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      1. Please refer to https://www.britannica.com/topic/Om-Indian-religion for information on who you are accessing when you chant, “Om.” The idea of chanting goes back at least as far as Elijah’s conflict with the prophets of Baal (see 1 Kings 18). In contrast, the True God Who Is Here is not impressed with lots of words or repetitions (Matthew 6:5-18).
        Aligning with “the universe” is simply finding out Who God is and aligning with Him. He has revealed Himself throughout history to any who wanted to find Him, consistently through the Hebrew prophets and in these last days through Jesus and His apostles and by His Holy Spirit.

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