Poetry {34} ~ NETTED TO YOU

Swirling, glued in my thoughts

Yes, the one I sought

Netting in the webs of my mind caught

Feeling drunk in presence, yet sober

Our hearts telepathically decoder

Our meshed existence

Travelling through third dimensional time

You’re pure divine

I believe in magic

Comedic and tragic

Hearts in eachother’s hands

Close to home lands

You appeared from thin air

Addicted to you, yes I swear.

~DiosRaw, 17/04/21

13 thoughts on “Poetry {34} ~ NETTED TO YOU”

  1. My thoughts
    come unasked
    and go
    the detours
    in my back

    my ghost
    an insignificant one
    blank page

    the past
    the future
    not here yet

    all the known
    unknown you in me

    the gods drive
    their own ways
    past me

    the magic
    the noble
    the chosen one

    on the shoulders
    as kings
    of the world
    the ancestors

    my heart
    would be in white ice
    in the hands
    of another

    The people
    appear to me in a dream
    in all colors
    their state of mind
    the living
    and the dead

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