Blurred lines of

meaning and understanding,

evaporating into confusion


preconceived ideas



Someone’s good,

is someone else’s bad.

Two souls talking,


twice different conversations.

Translating the words,

tracing the sentences,

yet muddled definitions

of the same word.

Do we ever really conversate?

Or is feeling intuitively, telepathy or eye contact the concrete way of decifering between the lines?

Tearing down the claustrophobic confines.

~DiosRaw 15/04/21

18 thoughts on “Poetry {32} ~BLURRED LINES MELT”

      1. Then perhaps it is I who misunderstood you first. Regardless of my question I see your point: we can all understand each other if we feel the energies between us? Almost like a higher state of empathy?

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    1. As we go through this world, we forget who we truly are and where we came from. I guess, we lose that innate empathy as the world around us does not instill this in us and keep it alive so to say.

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  1. Perhaps it’s a generational concept of perception as a means of communication? As to say we are of it as infants but are taught to let go of it as we perceive more “concrete” ideas in order to communicate with the adults around us.

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