The Human Family Community Open Threads {27} ~ What’s Your Vice?

Welcome to “The Human Family Community Open Threads,” a project open for anyone who would like to express their feelings, make friends or talk about anything; if you feel suicidal, depressed, anxious or lonely during these times this project is here for you. Feel free to leave a comment below and connect, let’s start a conversation. No judgement, we don’t know until we walk in someone else’s shoes..

~DiosRaw 13/04/21

9 thoughts on “The Human Family Community Open Threads {27} ~ What’s Your Vice?”

    1. I believe the concepts of introverts and extroverts is flawed in the sense of there being inbetweens or a spectrum however I believe the reason are as many as there are humans for being an introvert ~ pain, old soul, shy, world related.. many reasons! And yourself? 🌹

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      1. There’s a scientific explanation but if you dive into it’s what Dios is saying.
        An introvert is like a person who’s been on a non sugar diet for 10 years and then eats something with high amounts of high fructose corn syrup. It takes good but they’ll be satisfied quicker and too much can make them physically sick. Introverts have more sensible dopamine receptors.
        A person can be extroverted and have introverted behaviors because of trauma.

        And, finally, what Dios sort of says.. introvert/extrovert comes from Jung and so does the mbti (I highly suggest the John Beebe system)..
        me: I’m an intj/p. J/P means they’re 50/50.
        Introverted intuitive with a freakishly high introverted score (in the 90’s) thats nearly psychotic. 🥸 it’s high.
        But I’m also 75% extroverted thinking opposed to feeling, etc etc..
        My cognitive type which is true; I’m so heavily involved in introverted intuition that socializing makes me feel I’m being ripped apart in two different worlds. When I feel social, I get my quick fix and I’m ready to go and I can get agitated if I can’t. Others will experience extroversion in thinking functions instead of feeling..

        It’s a spectrum.

        That’s my barging in on a chain uninvited moment. 😇

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      2. Thanks for sharing, I would say I am also due to trauma and a need to retreat and charge my batteries, I enjoy being in my own company so no one can hurt me honestly. 🙏🌹

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