9 thoughts on “Notes {119}”

  1. If some of these posts are mildly inspired by our mini conversations; that makes me happy.

    He’s absolutely right. A reason I use astrology charts when getting to know people is a natal chart deals heavily with childhood experiences. Right or not (for whatever reason) it’s an easy way plus a good excuse to deep dive into a persons life.
    I’ve already gone over my childhood ptsd. Everyone thought I had aspergers lol.

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      1. You can run with this one because it’ll be a while before I get to it. Quote:

        Depressions and melancholy are often a cover for tremendous greed.
        At the beginning of an analysis there is often a depressed state of resignation-life has no meaning, there is no feeling of being in life. An exaggerated state can develop into complete lameness. Quite young people give the impression of having the resignation of a bitter old man or woman. When you dig into such a black mood you find that behind it there is overwhelming greed-for being loved, for being very rich, for having the right partner, for being the top dog, etc.
        Behind such a melancholic resignation you will often discover in the darkness a recurring theme which makes things very difficult, namely if you give such people one bit of hope, the lion opens its mouth and you have to withdraw, and then they put the lid on again, and so it goes on, back and forth.”
        ― Marie-Louise von Franz, The Psychological Meaning of Redemption Motifs in Fairytales

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