Words For Things We Have No Word For {5} ~ Altschmerz

A weariness with the same old issues that you’ve always had—the same boring flaws and anxieties you’ve been gnawing on for years, which leaves them soggy and tasteless and inert, with nothing interesting left to think about, nothing left to do but spit them out and wander off to the backyard, ready to dig up some fresher pain you might have buried long ago.

Source: https://www.dictionaryofobscuresorrows.com/page/2

18 thoughts on “Words For Things We Have No Word For {5} ~ Altschmerz”

      1. Not necessarily, what do you think? We ultimately have to take responsibility and help ourselves, to admit we need help, others play a role in solace and consolation through their own pain and support..

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      2. I agree with you that we need to help ourselves. That we need to be willing to put in the work. In terms of bonding… I would think it’s the difference in chasing (pursuing the feeling) and … (i don’t know a singular word to describe it) putting in the hardwork to maintain a friendship (which can’t be done until you love yourself first)

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